Gay Comic Book Survey by Jezza Smilez (Gay Comic Book Artist)

Max Gnin Artwork FINISHED Cropped

My buddy and super hottie artist, Jezza Smilez, (the guy in the art piece above and pics below) just recently made a survey regarding gay comic books. It is brief and does not take too much time. If you could take a couple minutes to answer the questions, I would appreciate it very much. The link is down below as is a couple of pics of Jezza and me with another gay comic book artist (Patrick Fillion) in a spit roast that we all seemed to enjoy.


11 comments to Gay Comic Book Survey by Jezza Smilez (Gay Comic Book Artist)

  • steveweg  says:

    Hey, hope the answers help.

  • Will  says:

    Ambiguously Gay Duo flashback

  • Mike  says:


  • Michael Paul Gray Jr.  says:

    Great survey but I’m totally distracted from that super hot artwork of you getting fucked by Jezza. Wow I would love to see that in real life! (I’ve always thought you are so hot!)

  • Devon  says:

    Done :3

  • auntymib  says:


    • admin admin  says:

      Sweet, thanks so much!

  • Mike  says:

    Done! Hope it helps!

    • admin admin  says:

      Great! Thanks!

  • sweeney60  says:

    Dear God, please tell me you two did it, or at least thought about it. That hentai of you two is making my day.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:


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