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2 comments to Gay News- Marriage Equality in Illinois, Eminem Defends Hate and Adult Film Star, Bobby Williams Passes Away

  • Kap Colin  says:

    Yes, poor old Eminem says he’s never equated use of the word ‘faggot’ with homosexuality or intolerance. Oh…ok Marshal, so you aren’t actually homophobic. You simply use hate language as a way to make money out of people who look up to you and are likely to copy your language, but in a way that is not as ‘enlightened’ as you so clearly are. I mean…just wow! Who could possibly have a problem with that morality?!

    So fair enough, Eminem. You say you are glad we live in a word where people are free to express themselves the way they want and you’ll carry on using those words. That’s fine by me. You do that…and – likewise – I’ll just carry on thinking of you as a tosser!

  • Yann GENDRON  says:

    Hey there!

    Good news for you americans! Hurrey for Illinois!
    I live in France where we can have same sex marriages since earlier this year! It has caused lots of trouble because of all the anti-gay manifestations but it passed and we finally have the opportunity to get married!

    I do hope that it will be possible for all americans very soon now!

    As for Eminem, I really do like some of his older songs (I have got no clue as to what he sings now) but I do beleive he is an homophobic freak and that it’s not because he’s an artist that he can say whatever he wants in his songs. Think about it that way : would any song with racial hate be allowed on air?

What are your thoughts?