Geeky Underwear Submissions from all you guys!


Last week I asked for all of you guys to send me pics of you in your underwear and I got a lot of submissions! I asked for geeky underwear, which most of you did, some just wanted to send underwear pics in general, but I won’t be picky. Here’s most of the pics that you guys are allowing me to show. Some pics sent were just for my eyes, and those were great too! Enjoy!

I figured I’d add a couple of my friends and me in our Superhero Costume Underwear Party that we have at Dragon Con each year.

4 comments to Geeky Underwear Submissions from all you guys!

  • Chaz  says:

    Whaat? Had I known about this I would have sent one too.

  • Steve  says:

    Love it! I get comments once in awhile when I wear my superman underwear in a change room. I have to admit I comment when I notice a guy is wearing geeky underwear.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    So much geekiness! So much underwear! Sooo much… *BOOM! HEADASPLODE!*

  • Medraut  says:

    hot hot HOT

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