Generation X #1 Marvel Comic Book Review – 2017 – Spoilers!

This is the first issue of the new Generation X series from Marvel Comics. It was not the best first issue, but it does have some potential. I will finish the first storyarc to determine whether or not I like it.

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2 comments to Generation X #1 Marvel Comic Book Review – 2017 – Spoilers!

  • Jonathan O'Faolain Jonathan O'Faolain  says:

    I loved the old Generation X comics, but I’m not happy about it being brought back/rebooted. The idea of Kitty Pryde serving as Headmistress of a new school and a new team of young mutants, though, is good. I just don’t much like the line-up.

    I think Kid Omega has to do with that.

  • Avatar Mike  says:

    I wasn’t a big Generation X fan when the first series came out. I also can’t stand Quentin Quire so I’ve been putting this off after seeing him in Mighty Thor. Maybe I’ll flip through it tonight.

What are your thoughts?