Green Arrow is going to Fight Stardust

Arrow vs Stardust

Wow! I have not been interested in WWE in years. I loved it as a kid and I even watched it a bit in college because all my roommates were really big into. But after that, I forgot about it mostly. But I may actually watch the PayPerView WWE SummerSlam, just to see Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow) fight Stardust. I don’t even know who Stardust. But I want to see them fight now! Well done WWE, you got me back!

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  • Avatar Mike  says:

    Stardust is Cody Rhodes, younger son of the late Dusty Rhodes. Stardust is basically a super villain who has been talking about Stephen Amell for a couple of months. He’s so cute and also has a great body. I think this will be a really fun match.

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