Guard Patrol – UNCUT Movie Review from Raging Stallions

Raging Stallion has some great stuff. This movie has 2 scenes, but really has about 5 scenes with the bonus scenes from previous Raging Stallion Movies. This was some good stuff! Check out their site at: Raging Stallions Monster Bang.

This movie stars:

Christian Wilde


Brian Bonds


Ryan Rose


Mitch Vaughn

Mitch vaughn

Rocco Steele


And David Benjamin


2 comments to Guard Patrol – UNCUT Movie Review from Raging Stallions

  • Danny  says:

    I like everything about this movie. The kink, being somewhat forced and taken advantage of by other guys sexually. Great review! This is definitely one of my biggest fantasys.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    I know Christian Wilde. I wasn’t that big a fan of his for a while, but I got to where I liked him a whole lot more after he started bottoming.

    Great review, as per usual!

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