2 comments to Hodor from Game of Thrones is gay, Nice! Also, apparently gay people bully politicians?

  • Yann  says:

    Are you serious?

    Frozen turns you gay?

    I think I saw the wrong movie guys. I didn’t see any gay romance or anything.
    Is it because characters break into songs every 2 minutes? ‘Cause everybody knows we “gay people” are all big musical fans.Then again, isn’t it Disney’s trademark (the songs)?
    Maybe it’s because of the snowman’s carrot nose?

    Who am I to know? I was gay before I went to see the movie so I’ll never know if it made me more gay or not.

    Here, people have a problem with school. It would seem that the way the teachers educate kids confuses them in their gender identity. Sweet, isn’t it?

    • admin admin  says:

      Yep, I know right. THis guy is such a dumbass. It irks me that people can find such bad things in every little thing.

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