2 comments to Homophobic Superman? Or just insulting? (My AGayCollab vid for the week)

  • Charly  says:

    Not only is the show homophobic but was also misogynistic and racist and even had some jokes about rape. Humor is one thing but people need to consider that their ‘jokes’ may perpetuate something that is very serious and harmful.

  • TiedFeetGuy  says:

    Just to be clear, this is regarding the Bill & Ted show in Hollywood, not Orlando.

    I saw the show twice. I personally didn’t find it offensive, but that’s because the whole SHOW is offensive. There are lots of racist and sexist jokes, as well as homophobic. But really, this show has been on for years, and it’s ALWAYS like that. Most people know that’s the deal with this show. To me, it sort of gets a pass for the same reason South Park does… if you offend everyone equally, we’re all back at square one.

    That said, my BF, who also saw the show, was a bit offended. So tolerance levels may vary.

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