Hypnotic Powers – If You Had Mind Control, Would You Use them For Evil? (NSFW)

Hypnotic 1

I have met several hypnotists in the past and one even offered to give me a session. I contemplated it, but I was going on two days with no sleep, and I probably would have fallen asleep completely. Some people say that the ability to hypnotize others is a scam and others swear by their hypnotists. Some times the power of belief can get you very far as well. Regardless of that, I have found that there are a lot people that are into sexual role play with hypnotizing taking place. It can go into the realm of using this ability as a type of super power. So that begs the question, if you could take control of other people’s actions, would you use those powers as a force of good or evil?

Hypnotic 3

There are tons of fetish sites and videos online with this type of scenario. Mainly the sexuality used is heterosexual, but there are some gay ones in existence as well. Most of the sites entails some sort of mind tricks. Few are role played with the “evil” having real powers and just powers of persuasion. Some even use devices to control their patients. I have noticed that I get a bit of a tingle myself when I see guys being “controlled” in this sexual role play. All sites make it clear that these are willing participants and this is is all fake. But still, the illusion is there and it is great. Here are a bunch of pics I have collected and some that have been sent to me. Lance Hart over at his site, PervOut.com has some great amateur videos of himself as a therapist that uses hypnosis. So, would you use your powers for good? I would like to say that I would use my powers for good…but I may not.