Iceman is GAY?!?! Really?

According to All New X-Men #40, the teenage Bobby Drake, aka Iceman, is gay. Who’d have thunk that? It totally took me by surprise. I wish it was ADULT Iceman instead. That would be much better. This just confuses matters. But I’ll take it for what it is. What do you think of it?

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4 comments to Iceman is GAY?!?! Really?

  • Chaz  says:

    I was a little confused with this at first. I thought this was the same 616 Bobby Drake but taken from the past to the present. I haven’t followed the young mutant storyline that much as I don’t really like it. Is this technically an alternate version of the character? If so, that makes sense and I’m totally fine with it. I always had an Iceman crush as a kid anyway.

  • Frank  says:

    I always thought that they were leading up to the adult iceman being gay a couple years ago. When he had a ice hole in his chest. His confusion with Northstar’s sexuality and a couple of his past love interests seeming to show up and act like there relationship wasn’t as real as he thought.

  • Larry  says:

    Jean really does have the best gay-dar EVER! That’s the kind of girl we all need in our corner. Normally Idon’t like comics randomly adding gay characters, if it seems like there doing it just for sales, but I’m totally okay with the cutest, and usually half naked X-Man being gay.

  • bobby  says:

    You know I would like to be excited about this as bobby is my favorite xmen, but it just feels forced. Like you said his sexuality was already established. I kind of felt the same way with green lantern and I love the pre-silver age characters. Oh well, at least its in the book unlike the stupid Dumbledore thing which felt like attention whore much.

What are your thoughts?