7 comments to I’m mesmerizing by this guy’s dick and booty. Don’t know why…

  • Avatar Mark  says:

    He is Dominic Santos and this scene is from Randy Blue :).

  • Avatar Stevie Henry Cavill  says:

    why don’t u know why? i hope it doesn’t have anything to do with skin color?

    • admin admin  says:

      Whoa, dude! Why would skin color even be an issue? It speaks a lot of your own character that that is the first thing you think of. Wow…haha, I was referring more to a play that I was ‘mesmerized’ by that he had such a nice dick and ass, but without actually saying that that was the whole reason for posting. Why would you go into such a negative perspective? What’s going on with you that you would need to bring up some racial issue with me when I’m saying a guy is fucking hot?

  • Avatar steveweg  says:

    He is definitely hot. Lacks character for me. I like guys that really have something unique. For example goofy ears. In my case crooked nose. They become very sexy when a guy makes them work.

  • Avatar Cameron  says:

    I know why. Its because they, and the hunk they’re attached to are really fucking sexy!

  • J.L. O'Faolain J.L. O'Faolain  says:

    He looks familiar. Also, I get a ‘straight’ vibe off of him, but there aren’t that many gay-for-pay guys who willfully finger their holes that way. It looks as though he’s had a lot of practice.

    Of course, he’s probably just bi.

    He’s got an incredible ass, though, and a nice cock. I can see why they both turn you on. Thanks for sharing, Paulie. 🙂

  • Avatar Tyler  says:

    Wow dude. He’s amazing. Do we know his name?

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