IT – Official Trailer Is Out! – What Do You Think?

WHOA!!!! I know that the original IT had the Pennywise character played by Tim Curry and he can never be topped. Curry is one of the best actors in the world in my opinion. Out performing him is difficult to impossible to say the least, but that last image of Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise scared the fuck out of me. I have a thing against clowns. What do you think?

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7 comments to IT – Official Trailer Is Out! – What Do You Think?

  • Avatar Out Gay Man, Closet Man Child  says:

    Will this version have the scene from the book where the bully Henry gets jerked off by the bully Patrick and Patrick offers to blow Henry; or the scene where all the boys of the Losers Club gang bang the girl?

  • Avatar SamDixon  says:

    Here’s another person freaked out by killer clowns! After that photo – I can not watch the trailer! How about some space stories with creepy aliens! No clowns in space!

  • Avatar Damián Shioru  says:

    I’m very excited to finally feel again the horror of Pennywise.
    Because now the old version just makes me laugh.

    • admin admin  says:

      I agree! It was scary once, but now it’s just like a movie that doesn’t have the same appeal.

  • Avatar BadBonerBoy  says:

    It’s gonna be difficult cracking a boner over this one ..: creepily good tho!

  • Avatar That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:


    Pants officially darkened.

  • Avatar Mike  says:

    Thanks a lot Paul…as if I had any other reason to be freaked about by clowns.

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