It’s Batman Day! Let’s Look at a couple sexy Batmen!

Holy Fuck Batman
If you were unaware of it, September 26 is Batman Day. It’s obviously not a real holiday or anything like that and it’s not even the day that the legendary Detective Comics #27 (Batman’s first appearance) was released. It’s really just for comic book geeks to show Batman pics and stuff like that on their social media sites. I think some comic stores put up some Batman decorations. As a gay geek, I feel like I should show some of Batman’s sexiness! I wish I was tall enough to costume as him myself. Maybe I’ll finish that Batman Beyond costume one day. Anyways, here’s some hot guys displaying their love of Batman.

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9 comments to It’s Batman Day! Let’s Look at a couple sexy Batmen!

  • timemonkey  says:

    Where are the Batman Ambushed gifs from? That looks like a fun vid.

  • Devon  says:

    Thank you, Paul!!!! 🙂

  • Anonymous  says:

    where is that batman clip from?

    • admin admin  says:

      It is from a site called Manon Fetish. It’s a scene that stars: Aspen and Lance Hart.

  • shawn  says:

    Michael Hamm. <3

    • admin admin  says:

      Right!? He’s so fucking hot!

  • James Huctwith  says:

    Well, then there’s just ‘Sexxi Batman’…

  • Anonymous  says:

    What’s the name of the porn with Batman?

    • admin admin  says:

      Google- Manon Fetish. It has Lance Hart and Aspen in it.

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