John Barrowman Doesn’t Mind Grabbing Fans Inappropriately – WHY HAVE I NOT MET HIM YET?!


I have been a fan of John Barrowman since his Doctor Who days. He just radiates awesomeness. He seems to have lots of fun with his co-stars in both the Whovian universe and with the Arrowverse. Also, I’ll just add that him and his husband are super cute together. I have waited in line to see him 3 different times at 3 different conventions and unfortunately I got called away every time because of circumstances. So I have yet to meet him and take my own sexually charged picture. But it will fucking happen this year! He will grab my junk and I will happy damnit! Hopefully I will be dressed as Midshipman Alonso Frame, which I have not worn in a long time. And if you are a Doctor Who fan, you will know why that would be so cool to get on picture/video.

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By the way, in case you guys have not seen it, this was me in my Midshipman Alonso Frame uniform.