Justice League Dark DC Animated Movie Review – SPOILERS!

Justice League Dark – The DC Animated movie has come out. A magical supernatural problem has happened around the planet that the Justice League cannot handle on their own. They realize that the event is magical in nature and that outside magical superheroes are needed to help. Constantine is brought in and he rounds up several other supernatural characters to fight this foe. Great movie with some minor flaws, but very entertaining. Check out my thoughts on the movie in this video.

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2 comments to Justice League Dark DC Animated Movie Review – SPOILERS!

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    It still pisses me off that people try to outright ignore the fact that Constantine is bisexual. Still, sounds like a decent enough movie overall in its own right.

    Cool review, Paulie. 🙂

  • Avatar Mike  says:

    I read the Justice League Dark comic and it was really good at times and really bad. I’m glad that Zatanna is shown as a powerhouse. I guess I’ll have to track this down digitally and give it a shot. It would have been so awesome if Constantine flirted with Batman. He could’ve made a remark about Batman’s costume being fetish gear or something.

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