Kissing – When was Your First Real Kiss?


Kissing is very important to me. I enjoy kissing as much as sex itself. You can tell a lot about someone by their passionate kiss with you. I once dated a guy that didn’t kiss. Let me correct that, I went out ONCE with a guy that did not kiss. He said he did not understand why anyone would want to kiss. Blowing a guy, sure no problem he loved giving and receiving. Taking a dick up the ass, again, he was totally ready. But locking lips and exchanging saliva, nope. He was not down with that. Other than that, he was a nice guy. He was not a closeted macho tough guy. He was a gym bunny, but completely out and did not hide his sexuality. He just thought kissing was a waste of time. Unfortunately for me though, that is definitely a deal breaker.

There is an old song by Betty Everett called – It’s in His Kiss- (video above). I heard this song redone several times but remember thinking that this was completely true, even as a teenager. When I came to gribs about my own sexuality, I really wanted to experience my “first kiss” with a guy. It took a couple years and a bottle of Johnny Walker Scotch Whiskey, but I finally had it happen with my best friend on my 18th birthday. It was not THE best kiss, and he claimed to not remember the night at all, but it happened and I definitely remember it. In fact I remember almost every detail, despite how much alcohol I had in me. This includes what I was wearing at the time and what we were doing that lead up to it. I also cannot drink Johnny Walker to this day because I threw up that night and I still taste it to this day. I was 18, I was an idiot.

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So, do you remember your first real kiss? Did you enjoy it? Was it awful? Was it fun? I am legitimately curious. I love hearing first kiss stories. It can be with either gender if you consider that your first real memorable kiss.