Whoa! I just discovered Leo Camacho’s cosplay page this past week. I am so in like with this guy. He just looks so natural in every character that he has done. I met him briefly a couple weeks ago and I did not realize who he was at the the time. He is totally my hero! I wish I was this good and as good looking as him. I later discovered his awesome Fanpage over at at: Facebook.com/MrLeoZombie. He’s also such a fracking cutie and he seems so humble too. This guy definitely deserves lots of love. I feel the need to spread his greatness everywhere.

Poe and Finn

Check out his page at: Facebook.com/MrLeoZombie and his YouTube Page at: YouTube.com/user/MrLeoZombie

3 comments to Leo Camacho – HOT MALE COSPLAYER ALERT!

  • Steve Green (@SteveWestCoast)  says:

    He is quite cute.

  • Jonathan O'Faolain Jonathan O'Faolain  says:

    I feel like I’ve seen this guy before.

  • Broyden  says:

    I have to admit… he does look familiar. Or does he just pull off Aladdin really well?

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