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4 comments to Looking Season One Finale – Season Review

  • Avatar Jeff  says:

    Also, if you recall, Patrick is usually a top, as he told Richie earlier in the season. It took him some time to consider bottoming for him. Maybe there was an unwritten scene where he told Kevin to take it easy?

  • Avatar Gary  says:

    We’re not supposed to like Augustin. Your reaction means he is doing a good job. The sex scene between Tovey and Groff made sense. Both were nervous about it and Tovey took it slow because he didn’t want to scare Groff off.

  • Avatar Pat  says:

    Your description on how you’d like the sex scenes to play out has got me blushing. As for the show, I love Russell Tovey but I hate the token Asian guy. Also cannot stand the artist storyline.

    • admin admin  says:

      The Asian guy didn’t have too much development unfortunately. I would liked to have seen more of him to get a good idea on who he was.

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