Oh wow, this is just like that dream I keep having. Only he gets to actually touch all the dicks

This is very similar to the dream I keep having. Only the dicks are a bit further apart in this vid than in my dream. Of course it also looks like this guy goes full throttle with this. Absolutely no gag reflex either. Impressive! And how is it that I just found out about this porn company until today? I need to look up Lucio Saints now. This looks great!

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12 comments to Oh wow, this is just like that dream I keep having. Only he gets to actually touch all the dicks

  • Flash  says:

    I’ve been to the one in Barcelona as well. I guess it’s a chain of porn places. Europe is so great that way. Things like this are just a part of people’s lives.

    • admin admin  says:

      This is actually a thing?! That’s so fucking awesome!

  • Carlos Rivera  says:

    And to think I do this for free.

  • Will  says:

    That boy has talent and a big personality a rare combo.

  • Flash  says:

    I’ve actually been to that club in Barcelona, didn’t know they had one in Madrid.

  • Joey  says:

    Ahahah. Maybe you just reallllllllllyyyyyyy want to suck a lot of dicks. And that’s ok. I think we all get the horned up sometimes.

    Also, I love the part where the uncut cock comes through and he pauses like “Oh… ohhhh excuse me” *nom nom nom* rofl. So hot!

  • Randall Kirby  says:

    LucioSaints have one called”A Holy Visit” you might like, as well.

    • admin admin  says:

      Really?! I love the sound of that! I must google that!

    • admin admin  says:

      Damn, I just saw this vid! I wish I spoke Spanish. Holy fuck, I love Lucio Saints now!

  • Brandon  says:

    That was fucking hot, and I don’t normally get turned on by the glory hole idea. The cum shots made it.

    You do realize that you could live out that dream you had any time.

    • admin admin  says:

      Yeah, I’d just have to find a spot with a lot of glory holes I guess.

  • David Rat  says:

    Best 1:25 of my day. Thank you.

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