Don’t really like that Catwoman looks like she’s going to be older than Bruce. They’re totally pulling a Padme/Anakin thing with this. Otherwise, I do want to watch this show when it comes out. I really wish that it tied into Arrow, but I can’t have everything.

I know that some of these are just pics pulled online, but still, the majority are by you guys! I have to say that all of you guys so fucking cool for sending me these pics! I appreciate it so much! I love that I have so many friends out there that also have a geeky underwear thing going on like I do. Some of you guys I couldn’t put your names, which I totally understand. Hope everyone else enjoys these as much as I did!

And late submission from thesidekink from Tumblr:

What is it about glasses that adds that extra hot points to guys? I love it! Here’s a couple other guys I’ve found and/or have been sent to post. Keep on sending them my way!

Oh yeah, some of you guys have sent me some underwear pics of yourselves that I asked for last week. I’ll be posting those very soon! You guys all fucking rock!!!

When a guy’s hard dick pops out of their pants or if their dicks are hard while they’re being fucked, damn! I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s cause they’re turned on and you can tell they getting ready for ignition, I’m not sure. But I love seeing it!

Do you have geeky underwear that you want to show off? If so, email them to me at: so that I can post up some of you guys! Most of these guys I just find around the net, or are sent to me from submissions. Send me your underwear pics or your underwear. Either way, I’ll be a happy camper.