Superman is probably the sexiest Superhero ever (next to Robin)

As a kid I loved Superman. When I became a teenager, then I started to look at him differently. When I finally excepted that I was gay in my head, I realized that Superman turned me on. He turned me on a lot! Other than Spider-Man, I think Superman turned me on more than any other character ever! Robin is my boy and I think he’s hot, but I think that Superman takes the cake with hotness...

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I don’t know what I’m looking at exactly, but I’m turned on by this

I don't know

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I kissed a Straight Guy at the Renaissance Festival!

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Not one of their better- How it Should Have Ended, but still entertaining

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Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet? Why the fuck not! It’s fucking awesome!

guardians of the galaxy 1

guardians of the galaxy 2

guardians of the galaxy 3

guardians of the galaxy 4

guardians of the galaxy 5

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So many things coming out from Men.Com – Including HouseBoy Series!

I love They have so many things coming out, including a series I’m interested in that has both Dirk Caber and Johnny Rapid.

Watch the trailer here: Men.Com HouseBoy

son swap 1

son swap 2

son swap 3

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I don’t give Lucas Entertainment anywhere near enough loving!

Lucas Entertainment is great! This scene looks fucking hot! I wanna see it!

Watch it here: Lucas Entertainment Bare

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Ha, interesting drawing that I found of myself on Tumblr

It looks like drew this. It’s interesting and somewhat hot! I love finding these things too. It’s a huge compliment and I glad I inspire people to draw more.

GayComicGeek Drawing

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Gay of Thones – UNCUT Scene 4 Review – from Men.Com

Scene 4 from’s Gay of Throne series just came out! Here’s my thoughts on it.

To watch the scene, go to’s. It’s hard to miss.

This scene stars:

Colby Keller as Daario


And Toby Dutch as Daenerys Targaryen


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Fast Friends – Gay Comic Book Review (Yeah I still do those from time to time)

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