Faculty Night – Sex Files Vol #16 – Joe Gage UNCUT Review

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My fellow YouTuber friend- Brandon…he’s fucking hot. I’m just pimping him out a bit.

So I get to meet some interesting people from time to time. This is my buddy Brandon. Technically we haven’t met, but we’ve talked a bit a here and there. Enough that I call him my buddy. He’s a fellow toy reviewer and he’s shown some pics here and there online. If you’ve never seen him before, you should check out his YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/bml100193 or go to his Tumblr site at: Brandon100193.tumblr.com/

Besides being a Superman hottie, having a big ol’nice dick, and an awesome a...

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Guys with glasses, it’s a weakness for me. I love it. Maybe cause I wear them, I just think dorky guys are hot

I think guys with glasses are so cute. Maybe it’s because I wear glasses. Well, I wear contacts most of the time, but I do need to give my eyes a break every now and then. Here’s a couple cuties that I feel the need to share a bit.

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Wow, I kinda wanna drink liquor after seeing Dean from Supernatural drink like this. Damn.

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Yep, Chris Crocker sure has changed a lot!

See the scene here: Lucas Entertainment

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Comic Book Day! Last issue of Superior Spider-Man and a new female Transformer

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I’ve said it before, but I need to reiterate this every now and then. Gingers are so fucking sexy

I have a lot of redheads in my family, but sadly, that gene passed me up. My sisters and my brother and mother, are all gingers. It kinda leads into my theory that I’m the mailman’s son. But that’s another post for a different day. Here’s just a couple pics of some really good looking guys that give them that extra pump with the fire hair that I’m totally in love with. I did show Blu Kennedy a couple times, cause, come on. He’s a legend that is sorely missed in the porn world.
And the last pic is...

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I don’t care if Zachary Quinto looks like a killer, he’s fucking hot!

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Bhahahahaha…best dick slap in the world!

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Who needs movie superheroes, cause real life costumers are just as good if not better.

I know everyone in these pics. I’ve taken pics with most of them and several of them I can call buddies. I love being a geek. It’s damn awesome!

Real Costumers 1

Real Costumers 2

Real Costumers 18

Real Costumers 13

Real Costumers 8

Real Costumers 7

Real Costumers 12

Real Costumers 17

Real Costumers 16

Real Costumers 11

Real Costumers 6

Real Costumers 5

Real Costumers 10

Real Costumers 15

Real Costumers 14

Real Costumers 9

Real Costumers 4

Real Costumers 3

Real Costumers 20

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