Oh damn, I need a subscription to Lucas Entertainment. I wanna see this just for Adam Killian!

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Robin is awesome. He’s the original sidekick and original gay superhero

Robin is my favorite of all superheroes. Well specifically, Tim Drake is my favorite character. I will admit that originally he became my favorite because I admired him and how awesome of a teen hero he was. The whole sexual thing came later when I was a teen. But you have to admit, he’s pretty fucking awesome!

Oh yeah, if you have some pics that I may miss from time to time on some of comic and geeky posts, please email me and let me know. My email is – gaycomicgeek@hotmail.com

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Stepfather’s Secret – UNCUT Review from Men.com – Starring Dirk Caber

Here’s my thoughts on Men.com’s Stepfather’s Secret. Oh fucking hell, this was hot! Check out my review and go to Men.com’s to see the trailer.

This stars: Dirk Caber


Johnny Rapid


Trevor Spade

trevor spade

And Scott Harbor

scott harbor

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Ha! Hot animation…I think this is suppose to be me or the GayComicGeek Superhero at least

This was done by Lightfoot Comix, who’s main character is Gene Lightfoot. That’s the character fucking me in this pic. I’m assuming he’s some sort of Demi-God bunny character. He’s done some other animations and artwork, including a fucking hot Aqualad piece! I’m hoping he does some other pieces of animation soon. Maybe an animation where my fucked by 2 guys at the same time? He also did the GCG “Christmas gift” drawing from last year. That’s pictured below too...

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Comic Load – 4/23/2014 Original Sin #0, Guardians of the Galaxy and more

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Good Morning! It’s Hump Day…or what I like to call, COMIC BOOK DAY!

photo (2)

photo (6)

Here’s LAST week’s Comic Load vid. My next comic load vid for this week is coming later this afternoon!

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What would I do with a Million dollars? Buy Castle Grayskull!!! (My AGayCollab vid for the week)

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Faculty Night – Sex Files Vol #16 – Joe Gage UNCUT Review

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My fellow YouTuber friend- Brandon…he’s fucking hot. I’m just pimping him out a bit.

So I get to meet some interesting people from time to time. This is my buddy Brandon. Technically we haven’t met, but we’ve talked a bit a here and there. Enough that I call him my buddy. He’s a fellow toy reviewer and he’s shown some pics here and there online. If you’ve never seen him before, you should check out his YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/bml100193 or go to his Tumblr site at: Brandon100193.tumblr.com/

Besides being a Superman hottie, having a big ol’nice dick, and an awesome a...

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Guys with glasses, it’s a weakness for me. I love it. Maybe cause I wear them, I just think dorky guys are hot

I think guys with glasses are so cute. Maybe it’s because I wear glasses. Well, I wear contacts most of the time, but I do need to give my eyes a break every now and then. Here’s a couple cuties that I feel the need to share a bit.

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