Green Lantern XXX Porn Parody Review (UNCUT VERSION)

Not the worst porn parody out there, but definitely not the best either. This movie stars:





Brody Wilde



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Phoenix Project – New online series my by my buddy from TitanMen Jasun Mark

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Comic Load 3/19/2014 – LAST Transformers Regeneration title…I’m slightly sad over that.

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Black Wade – The Wild Side of Love – A gay pirate comic book review!

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Here’s the gay sex scene in Looking with Russell Tovey…not much, but still worth seeing

patrick and kevin 108 by herbertgabriele

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Sometimes, you just have to pull someone by the hair to get that nice thrust…I’ve been on both sides of that equation

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I will admit, Wonder Woman is a pretty badass super chick.

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Worked Over – TitanMen UNCUT Review

To see this movie, go to:

The movie Stars:

Dirk Caber

Jay Bentley

Leo Dominico

Marcus Ruhl

Ray Nicks

Shay Michaels

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The Young Justice girls were on a Scooby Doo movie?! Fucking hell, how’d I miss this?!

That’s Wonder Girl, Artemis, Zatanna, and Miss Martian on the Scooby-Doo Wrestlemania Mystery movie. Damn I miss the Young Justice cartoon. They need a third season.

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Comic Load – New X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Transformers, Walking Dead and Fantastic Four

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