Don’t know why, but I have this weird fantasy of being held down with multiple hands and having other hands pretty much do what is shown in these pics. Maybe it’s why I like that whole tentacle thing. I don’t think it’s an actual fetish cause I don’t really fantasize about it, but I definitely get turned on by the images when I see them.

If you don’t already know, Brizy Comics aka Brian Douglas Adhern, is a kick ass artist that I used to idolize as a kid when I ready Wizard Magazine. He did art for them in different kinds of forms but I remember his Calendar of events more than anything else. He’s drawn a couple different images of me, but I gotta say, I love his current image of me “photoshopped” at Bent Con this last month. Check out his work at:

Photoshopped GCG

Here’s a couple of other images that he’s drawn of me. Like I said, he’s fucking amazing!

Stand alone

Brizy Osiris

Brizy overalls