Before my former site crashed, I was doing a series called, Sexy Male Cosplayer. This was spotlighting friends of mine that were pretty darn good looking and played off their characters incredibly well. I had posted pics up of my buddies, Zack and Austin before my former site went wacky. I was working on Brian’s pics, so here they are! These are just a few of his awesome pics. I included his porn duplicate, Casey Monroe and his other duplicate, a character called Schmidty on New Girl. And yes, like Austin and Zack, Brian is a hetero. But he’s still cool with gay guys drooling all over him.

My buddy DeGorian made this image of the GCG Character. It’s based off of Patrick Fillion’s original contest bare naked character of me. I prefer the naked XXX versions of this, but this is also really hot! Thanks so much for sending to me dude!