Oh hell’s yeah! Have you ever seen MegaForceMichael‘s costume gallery? He’s also just known as just Michael. He is so fracking hot! His costumes are totally spot on and he brings such a sexy vibe to all of them. He does such a variety of characters, it is hard to pinpoint he best. Everyone has different opinions, but I attached a couple of my favorite of his.

One of Michael’s costumes that I lean more towards happens to be his Northstar costume. It is one of the first times I saw him and damn I fell in love (figuratively, he is married).

Michael’s husband is SuperXLuigi, and the two of them make such a beautiful couple. They do some of the most badass couple cosplays I have ever seen as well. I’m super envious of their talent.

I have had the honor of meeting Michael on a couple occasions and was so happy that I was also able to get a couple pics with them as well. I was even able to convince him to put on a GayComicGeek costume with his husband. I hope I can coordinate future costumes and do larger group pics with them.

I can’t wait to see some of the planned conventions that Michael has coming up. Check out his Facebook page over at: Facebook.com/MegaForceMichael
Michael’s Instagram: Instagram.com/MegaForceMichael

Have you checked out my Patreon site? I like to advertise myself every now and then. Although I technically advertise all the time at the end of every video I do. I also advertise on other posts up on all of my other social media. And I also pass out cards at conventions…but that’s it. Anyways, here’s a couple example pics/vids that I post on my Patreon site.

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Check out my buddy Smoke’s fan made Spawn short movie. He’s a great cosplayer and an awesome guy all around too. Spawn is one of his favorite characters and has always, so glad that he made video. It’s only about 6 mins, so I hope he makes more of them in the future.

The description reads: CHOICES is a takes place in the early days of Al Simmons becoming a Hell Spawn and reflecting on the decisions he made. Inspired both by the Image Comic Book series and the HBO animated series by Todd McFarlane.

Subscribe to his channel over at: https://www.youtube.com/user/THESMOKE007

The Smoke’s Facebook and Cosplay page: Facebook.com/TheSmoke007

Naked Knight #2 – the next chapter in Dylan Prescott’s adventure to becoming a cosmic superhero. He has to help free captured sex slaves and deal with his own unique origins. What is he and where does he really come from?
Check out my thoughts on this second issue in the attached video.

The comic was written and drawn by Sunny Victor.
Published and available at: ClassComics.com

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What?! Oh yeah, Men.com will release Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody on November 24th, 2017. So far from what I have seen, I like it. You know I have to do a video review on all of these parts. Because, you know, I’m a huge comic book gay geeky cosplaying porn loving dork!

I will say this, the costumes look much better than I was expecting. Aquaman, played by François Sagat looks great! I am impressed with Colby Keller’s Green Lantern too. It looks as though Johnny Rapid will be returning and reprising his role of Barry Allen’s the Flash as well. Hotties Brandon Cody and Ryan Bones also star as Batman and Superman.

I was not expecting to see cameos by RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Manila Luzon as Wonder Woman and by Davey Wavey. They will not go involved with the sex aspect, at least I doubt it, but you never know.

Men.com’s Justice League: A Gay XXX Parody is produced by Alter Sin with the first installment being released worldwide on Friday, November 24, 2017 on Men.com. Shot on location in Barcelona Spain, Alter Sin is also known for directing popular Men.com XXX parodies such as Gay of Thrones, Star Wars, Batman V. Superman and Pirates.

To see the scenes as they come out, head over to: Men.com

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After seeing Justice League this weekend, I slightly researched Jason Momoa. I always thought he was hot. I didn’t follow his early career on Baywatch and Stargate, but I loved his Drogo performance in Game of Thrones. I currently starting to watch his Netflix show, Frontier. I like the show a lot, you should check it out. Anyways, here’s some sexy Jason Momoa goodness!


This four part crossover looks to be epic on many scales. One thing that I was personally looking forward to see was gay actor and SUPERMAN cutie, Russell Tovey play gay superhero, Raymond Terrell aka THE Ray. No full body shot yet, but we see him with his uniform and with and without his helmet. We also see him wearing Nazi concentration camp clothing with an upside down Pink Triangle. That is very powerful to see in a superhero tv show. Especially seeing a gay man, playing a gay character wearing it. In the Golden Age of Comic books, a lot of World War II was depicted with Nazis being beaten often, but concentration camps were generally not mentioned.


One thing to note about this crossover is that it will take place on an Earth that has been shown in animated format as being an Earth where Nazis won World War II. This could also be quite an emotional event for many people to watch as well. We will probably get to see some glimpses of the Nazi concentration camps as evidenced by Tovey’s character. So many forget that there were many minority groups that were sent to concentration camps in Europe, including many gay men. This is the origin of the Pink Triangle. It is scary to see Tovey wearing this but also very eye opening. Especially with what is being said by the survivors/escapees of the same type of camps currently in Chechnya.

The 4 Part Crossover event starts up on November 27 with Supergirl and then Arrow the directly afterwards. The next two parts conclude on Tuesday, November 28 with The Flash and directly followed by the Legends of Tomorrow. I will be watching with a lot of anticipation.

Here are a couple of the pics that have been released. There are many more, but these are some of the ones that particularly enjoyed.

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Today we sit down with our good friends Dirk Caber and Jesse Jackman to talk porn, their lives, and how different kinds of dynamics can work. We specifically talk about how being in a different kink and vanilla relationship works for them! Check it out!

Check out their video below and subscribe to their channel at: YouTube.com/WattsTheSafeword