Robin Cosplay Appreciation Post – Just Because

For no reason whatsoever, except that I love Robin. Here’s some sexy cosplayers that costumed as my favorite hero. Tim Drake is my favorite of the Robins, but the others are still pretty damn awesome (except Damian because he sucks). Pic above is from BlackGayComicGeek,
which I hope we can take some really cool pics coming up in a couple weeks.

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  • Avatar androidreviewscomicbooks  says:

    I do like Dick and Tim. Jason was always Red Hood to me. But I love him too. Damian is starting to grow on me.

  • Avatar Anonymous  says:

    Who was that you were kissing? And when the heck did that happen?

    • admin admin  says:

      That’s my buddy Michael. I link his Instragram in the post.

  • Avatar Fanboy geek  says:

    Damian Wayne is sooo overrated.
    But I do not care I love him as much as I love the other Robins, so do not judge me! Hahaha

  • Jonathan O'Faolain Jonathan O'Faolain  says:

    I needed that.

    I’ll check out BlackGayComicGeek shortly!

  • Avatar Timothy E Chandler  says:

    That is Awesome

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