Russell Tovey – The HOTTEST Gay guy I have ever seen…from a far… damn restraining orders…

I have no other reason of posting these pics of Russell Tovey other than the fact that he’s so fracking hot!

I mean seriously, I would let him do literally anything to me. ANYTHING!

I cannot express how turned on I am by this guy. I’ve fantasized about him more than any other person ever! And those fantasies were back when he was just Midshipman Alonso Frame on ‘Doctor Who.’ Later, when I saw him as a werewolf on ‘Being Human,’ I really lost it! Especially since he showed his ass on that show all the time. I naked it was in his contract to be naked at least once every half hour. I went back and watched his earlier stuff like ‘History Boys’ and other tv show appearances.

We’ll forgive the god awful HBO show ‘Looking.’ But only because he’s in it.

These pics were taken by Christopher Turner, and it’s like Tovey wasn’t even trying to look sexy. He just was. What’s better is that Tovey used to be really thin, and I was still head over heels for him. Now that he’s getting more beefy, he’s totally got me drooling over him.

Anyways, I’ll stop fawning all over him. Here’s his pics, enjoy!

russell-tovey (1)