Sexy Costumed Guys! The Next Edition

Granted, I may have posted a couple of these guys in the past, I’m not sure. But every time I see a costumed guy that I think is hot, I save the pic. Here’s a new edition of pics that I think are incredible.

The last Gifs are pretty much what I’m doing as I see so many of these hot guys in costume. I love being a geek!

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3 comments to Sexy Costumed Guys! The Next Edition

  • Darkstar72  says:

    I love the Spider-Cap costume. That is so clever. I think the sexy half-naked Scarlet Spider is professional wrestler Finn Balor. He’s also done a Venom getup for his wrestling entrance.

  • Medraut  says:

    hot pics.
    the gif and what you said put alot of images in my head.
    im sure im not alone in that.

  • That Long-Haired Creepy Guy That Long-Haired Creepy Guy  says:

    1). That Wolverine is HOT!

    2). Black Superboy!

    3). Sexy Mario!

    4). I call dibs on touching the Red Ranger’s bulge next.

    5). Nightwing and Batman kissing? Yes, please!

    6). Watch out, Boy Wonder! Ghostface is behind you!

    7). Spider-Man and Wolverine kissing? YES PLEASE!

    8). The body paint Symbiote is cool.

    9). I’ll be over later so we can do the last two together. 🙂

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