Sexy Male Costumer of the Week- David Santiago!

Another of my hetero friends David Santiago. is This guy has a Superman body and major hot good looks. Plus he’s really cool. He’s costumed as Nova, hopefully who will show up in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie set to come out next year. Also he’s been Spider-Man 2099, he’s one of the best Ares (Marvel Comics version) that I’ve ever seen. I also think his Bucky Captain America is pretty damn awesome. What do you guys think? Check out his Facebook page for more pics-

David Cap Santiago Facebook Page.


10 comments to Sexy Male Costumer of the Week- David Santiago!

  • Ryan B  says:

    He should do more shirtless costumes that involve underwear like the Darkstone guy.

  • what  says:

    Holy fuck he is so fucking hot! I’m liking his page

  • Alfred  says:

    You’re costuming friends are all straight? That sucks! But this guys has real talent.

  • Elias  says:

    OMG I just…

  • kelvin  says:

    you got some hot friends paul

  • The Master  says:

    Fracking hell this guy makes a great Ares and his Nova is so spot perfect! It helps that he’s really hot too.

  • Jason B  says:

    Damn! Why are there so many straight guys that look hot in Superhero costumes? Awesome costumer!

  • Richard  says:

    Very hot!! Love the Ares pics!

  • Anslie  says:

    Holy fucking hell he’s hot!

  • J.L. O'Faolain J.L. O'Faolain  says:

    The pic that held my attention the most?

    Him sitting back shirtless petting his cat. Too cute!

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