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Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Legacy Toy Figure Review

Oh my glob! It’s the Blue Power Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Legacy 6 Inch figures. This is a very cool figure, thank you Terry for this figure. You are so badass for getting me this figure. Check out my thoughts on this figure. I’m not the most knowledgeable on the Power Ranger series, but I am for sure a huge fan of it.

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Iceman and Blue Ranger – Check out this Art from RageGearStudios!

Whoa!!! Check this out. I am huge fan of the artwork of Rage Gear Studios, and this Iceman meets the Blue Ranger pic just made me fangasm. I’ve costumed as both of these characters too. Just saying. There are a couple people on this site and one of the artists that I have followed for some time is Rey Arzeno. He is just fantastic in all ways! This artist has made many other pieces on the Rage Gear Studios site that you should check out. I’m personally loving his Thunder League mash up.

Check ou...

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Man Crush Monday- RJ Cyler – The Blue Power Ranger

I do not do this every Monday, but every now and then someone catches my eye over the weekend. I re-watched the 2017 Power Rangers movie and damn. RJ Cyler’s Billy Cranston is awesome. He is the heart of the team and I really loved his portrayal of the Blue Ranger. His character is on the autism spectrum and he did his character wonderfully. Seeing him outside of his role, holy hell is he hot! He also seems very playful on his social media sites...

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Lost Fantasy Hero v. Zahn – Class Comics/IcemanBlue Comic Book Crossover – Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

The Son of Winter, Zahn from Class Comics meets the Lost Fantasy Hero over from IcemanBlue’s comic book universe. This is great, as we have a comic book crossover that does not happen anywhere near enough. Especially in the independent comic book realm. Here’s my thoughts on this one shot, but be warned, there are spoilers involved.

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Blue Beetle Rebirth – DC Comic Book Review


Blue Beetle fans rejoice! The Rebirth issue of Blue Beetle series is out. Long have a lot of fans wanted the previous Blue Beetle, Ted Kord to join forces with Jaime Reyes on the same front. Now we have that happening. Very solid opening for a new ongoing series.

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Billy – The Blue Power Ranger Evolution- He was Always my Favorite!

David Yost as Billy

I did not want to admit it as a kid because I was not comfortable at the time thinking about my sexuality, but I had a huge crush on Billy Cranston aka the Blue Power Ranger from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series. I related to his character so much more than all of the other characters. He started out very similar to how I felt in real life. I was the dorky clumsy kid with glasses that was anything but a superhero...

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Blue Collar Ballers – TitanMen UNCUT Movie Review- Directed by Jasun Mark

Blue Collar Ballers REVIEW.Movie_Snapshot
This just in, TitanMen movie – Blue Collar Ballers just came in. This was directed by Jasun Mark.

The movie has some pretty badass stars in it, including one of my favorite porn actors- Dirk Caber. He adds a lot to this movie. The flick consists of 3 scenes and is 2 and half hours long. So, it’s pretty damn long and jizzworthy. Check out my thoughts on it in the video below.

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Lost Fantasy Hero – Gay Comic Book Review from IceMan Blue is a badass artist! He’s done drawn all kinds of characters and some of the stories that he’s done are some of the most unique comics ever. Check out my review on his work, Lost Fantasy Hero.

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Here’s some of his other work that’s also pretty amazing:


Camili-Cat - MOUNTED - Page 01 - Lettered

camsenior (1)





lost fantasy


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Every Now and then I like to give tribute to Gingers…god they’re fucking hot!

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Which is my Favorite Power Ranger? Billy, of course. The geek

I still get asked which is my favorite Power Ranger. I thought it was obvious. It’s Billy, the Blue Ranger. The geek and the one that was played by a gay actor. Plus when I dress up as him in street clothes, I get to wear overalls.

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