Yes, this is suppose to be the continuation of the Bible, with it’s star, Jesus Christ. No seriously.

It’s a pretty damn good read, but if you’re of the Christian faith and take it seriously, then this could offend you. Possibly.

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Just reviewed book 2 of the Mark of Aeacus from I am so behind on Class Comic Titles, I need to do a lot more in the coming weeks.

Zan Christensan from Prism Comics wrote this book, while Mark Brill illustrated it.

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Females in mainstream comics are constantly being drawn with less and less clothing. Sometimes males get the same treatment. For example- Namor is usually only wearing a speedo in most of his appearances. But females almost always gets the ‘bikini’ treatment or centerfold treatment. Males are so neglected. These covers were meant to be a parody created by Brett White, but as a gay geek, I welcome them! I’d love to see more comic book covers like this.

Note- These covers were created as a response to the variant cover being released of an over-sexualized Spider-Woman in November (pictured below…way below)

Here’s the sexy Spider-Woman variant cover that everyone is talking about. Although, next to a cover of Spider-Man, it’s really that bad. Spider-Man’s nice tight ass is being shown pretty dominant in his cover.

sexy spider-man vs sexy spider-woman