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Hot Gay Comic Book Art – Or Close to Comic Book Art

Comic Book Pic 5

Comic Book Pic 13

Comic Book Pic 18

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Ghostboy and Diablo #3 – Class Comics Gay Porn Comic Review



The Final issue of Ghostboy and Diablo (For Now) is out. Here’s my thoughts on it. To get this comic, go to

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It’s Comic Book Day – Here’s some hot Gay Comic Book Art

Thanks, some of you guys have been submitting art and pics to me for my posts, I totally appreciate it and encourage it! Please keep doing that.

Hot Comic Book Art 112

Hot Comic Book Art 13

Hot Comic Book Art 3

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Secret Wars #2 – Marvel Comic Book Review

With the Marvel Universe completely revamping and changing everything up, I figure I’ll do a video review on each of their issues. I did a review on issue #1, here’s my thoughts on issue #2

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Fantasy Killer – Independent Comic Book Review (It’s about a fantasy killer)

Over at, there’s a comic called Fantasy Killer.

The premise is that guy goes a bit nuts and decides to kill his friends and co-workers. Or does he? Totally a psycho kinda feel to it but not exactly. It’s not like a lot of other comics, unless you count the comic- Johnny, The Homocidal Maniac

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Square Zair Pair – LGBT Children’s Book

page5-6 ready_cutout

I just came across the cutest Children’s Kickstarter campaign for an LGBT children’s book that teaches tolerance and equality! It’s called Square Zair Pair. It was created by Jase Peeples and the book was illustrated by Christine Knopp. I have to say that it’s adorable and pretty darn good.


Check out their Kickstarter campaign


If anything, check out ...
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The Bible 2 – Independent Graphic Novel Review

Yes, this is suppose to be the continuation of the Bible, with it’s star, Jesus Christ. No seriously.

It’s a pretty damn good read, but if you’re of the Christian faith and take it seriously, then this could offend you. Possibly.

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Just Random Sexy Hot Drawn Superheroes- The Next Edition

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Mark of Aeacus – Book 2 – Class Comics Gay Book Review

Just reviewed book 2 of the Mark of Aeacus from I am so behind on Class Comic Titles, I need to do a lot more in the coming weeks.

Zan Christensan from Prism Comics wrote this book, while Mark Brill illustrated it.

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What would comics be like if female “centerfold” covers were replaced by males? Answer- FUCKING AWESOME!

Females in mainstream comics are constantly being drawn with less and less clothing. Sometimes males get the same treatment. For example- Namor is usually only wearing a speedo in most of his appearances. But females almost always gets the ‘bikini’ treatment or centerfold treatment. Males are so neglected. These covers were meant to be a parody created by Brett White, but as a gay geek, I welcome them! I’d love to see more comic book covers like this.

Note- These covers were created as a respon...

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