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Cute Guys – Coloring Books by Chayne Avery and Russell Garcia – Review

Looking for some cute guys? Well what about some Cute Guys coloring books? They exist! I have four volumes with each volume having 24 different images to color in with crayon/color pencils. These books are Illustrated by Chayne Avery while design and layout was by Russell Garcia.

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Vol 4: Guys of Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Vol 3: Cute Guys With...

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Iceman #6 – Gay Marvel Comic Book Review – Bobby Gets his First Man on Man Kiss – SPOILERS

Holy hell, adult Bobby Drake aka Iceman, finally gets his first man on man kiss. It is totally worth the wait too! Him coming out as a gay man in his adult life is great. Also him being awkward in his interactions with other gay men is believable and such a cute story to read. This is a great title and I love how the story has progressed.

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Titans vs. Deathstroke, Cyborg Superman Returns, Superwoman Gets New Powers – Comic Book Day!

It’s comic book day! Bastion returns in X-Men Blue #3. We get more continuation of the Godwatch storyline in Wonder Woman #22. Superwoman #10 – Lana Lang, gets new powers. Team Up with Batgirl and Supergirl in Supergirl #9. Star Wars Screaming Citadel #1 – Luke teams up with Doctor Aphra. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #20 – The Corp makes a huge sacrifice in order to save the future. In Action Comics #979, the Superman Hater Squad teams up to take down the Man of Steel...

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Any Comic Book Moments That Make You Cry?

As a very avid comic book reader, I have had my ups and downs with emotions. Sometimes a story is written so well that I feel invested in a character to the point that I feel like I know them. This is true in any form of media, but I feel particularly close to comic books as it is what I have read the most about in the entirety of my life. Here’s a couple moments that I have literally balled my eyes out reading.

The return of Wally West in DC Universe Rebirth #1. This should be a no brainer...

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PO Box Pickups- Porn, Toys, and Comic Books, you guys are the BEST!

I just went to my PO Box today and damn. I wasn’t expecting all of these items. The porn I knew about, the rest is completely new. You guys rock!

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