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Boy Erased – Trailer – Based on a True Story of a Young Man Going Through Conversion Therapy

Wow, prepare to cry at this trailer. The movie Boy Erased is based on the book Boy Erased: A Memoir which is an memoir based on writer Garrard Conley, the son of a Baptist pastor. In the movie as in the book, Garrard writes about himself when was 19 years old and asked to either leave his family, friends, and faith or go through conversion therapy for his sexuality. This movie stars Lucas Hedges as Garrard, Nicole Kidman as his mother and Russell Crowe as his father.

Just the music alone make...

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Art by Anthgonz1 – GayComicGeek Wonder Boy Concept – NSFW Alternate Version

Recently I showed off my new tiara for my upcoming Wonder Boy costume. I’m using Queen Hippolyta’s crown. Awesome and super sexy artist Anthgonz1 decided to show off how I’d look shirtless and totally naked. FUCK YES! Thank you dude! I love both concepts.

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Wonder Boy on the Cover of Justice League #26 – DC Comics August Solicitations

Is that Wonder Woman and Superman’s alternate reality son being shown on DC Comic’s August solicitations? I don’t know, but damn! That’s badass! I’m sure this is just a one story thing, but I have learned that many alternate reality characters can do a lot and reappear if enough fans want to see it. And doesn’t he look a lot like Conner Kent? Justice League has been boring me a bit lately, but I’m picking this up.

The synopsis reads:


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Wonder Woman – Getting Great Reviews! Here’s Some Male Wonder Men Cosplayers


Early reviews seem to be saying that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie coming out on June 2 is great. That makes me so happy! Although I rarely listen to early critics anyway, it still is nice to hear good things about it. So I’m excited to see it. The DC cinematic universe has not had the best record, not worst, but definitely not the best in comparison to other franchises.

Anyways, I know there are a lot of other Wonder Woman fans out there and many of them like to costume up as Amazon Prince...

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Wonder Warrior/Boy Costume – It Is Being Done!

In honor of the new Wonder Woman movie and me being a total fanboy, I’m finally doing a full on Wonder Warrior/Boy costume. More pics to come. I’ve posted uncropped pics on my Patreon site already. It is quite awesome!

To see the pics, go to:

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Coca-Cola Commercial – Brother and Sister Both Want the Pool Boy (Super Cute)

I know we’re not suppose to like soda because of health reasons and all that, but I thought this was such a super cute commercial! Sibling rivalry at it’s best with the pool boy. I could only imagine fighting over guys with my sisters.

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Pizza Boy GangBang – Jet Set Men UNCUT Movie Review – Happy International Pizza Day! (NSFW)

Happy International Pizza Day! In respects to this day, let’s talk about Jet Set’s 2010 movie – Pizza Boy GangBang. This starred Landon Mycles as the ‘Pizza Boy’ with 11 other hot guys splacking his ass. This includes Jesse Santana and Casey Monroe, two of my favorite performers. Check out my thoughts on this movie in the video hosted by Mancast below.

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This is Sad…Sorry…Zombie Boy and his Living Dog

Zombie Boy and his Dog

I don’t know why, but I felt the feels seeing this. I promise to post up porn and other gay geeky related stuff in a few minutes to counter the sadness here.

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Boy Butter Lube – The Jingle!

Boy Butter

Ever heard of Boy Butter Lube? It’s not what it sounds like…well no I’m lying. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a website that sells sex products. They just recently released a jingle that’s very reminiscent of the 1950’s. I kinda like it. Their full website is: Check them out when you get a chance.

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Class Comics Costume – Ghost Boy (I’m gonna do it)

There’s so many costumes that I’m working on right now. Nate Grey X-Man, Vegeta from DBZ, Robin (first pixie Costume) and one other costume that’s coming down the line later in the year. But I’ve been thinking. I should pay some major respect to Class Comics. And being that I don’t want to be completely Naked, like Naked Justice, I started to think- who could I be? The answer seems simple. Why not Naked Justice’s ex-boyfriend, Ghost Boy? It covers my tats and I get to show a bit of skin...

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