Oh yeah, have you ever wanted to be taken advantage of by your personal trainer? Well if you can afford a personal trainer. They are expensive. Anyways, the Train Me series over at do just that! This series has Shawn Reeve as a the pervy person trainer taking advantage of 3 of his clients before he too gets his own comeuppance. Super hot series!

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Train Me – Gay XXX UNCUT Porn Series Review from (NSFW) from GayComicGeek on Vimeo.

This series stars: Shawn Reeve and Jeremy Spreadums

Griffin Barrows

Brendan Phillips


John Delta and Evan Marco


So what do you think I should do my next porn review on from Either the Supernatural Scenes, which they aren’t exactly about the show Supernatural (I’m going to go on a geek rant about that later). But they still can be good:

Supernatural 2


Or The Gaytrix Scenes, which are a bit more Sci-Fi and somewhat similar to the actual Matrix movie:

Gaytrix 1
Gaytrix 2

Or should I spotlight a certain actor? If it’s an actor it’d probably be Adam Killian (third pic) cause he just needs more attention and wow! Damn he’s fucking hot and so rough in all his scenes that I can’t help but watch everything with him in it.

Adam Killian 2
Adam Killian