I realize that I post up all of my cosplay pictures on all of my social media, except my actual website. I need to fix that. Here’s a few of the costumes I have done in the past couple of months and a few that I am still working on.

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I kinda like the new Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider costume. Even though he won’t have it long. Reportedly at least. He’s suppose to go back to his classic costume at the end of the first story arc. It’s fine, maybe I’ll be able to get this one back then.

I always post about my own Patreon page, but I do get a lot of help from one friends. One of my bestest buddies – DannyLantern is one of them and he’s badass costumer himself. He always volunteers when I need an extra cosplayer, or when I just need an extra pair of hands. Sometimes he just volunteers his incredibly cool basement or garage as a place to do my photoshoots. He’s very open to all the implied man on man sexual gestures and poses. He has even come up with some hot/awesome picture ideas himself. Check out his Patreon when you get a chance!

Danny’s Patreon site is located at: www.Patreon.com/DannyLantern

So much is going on in the world that is mostly negative. We all need a slight smile, even if just for a few minutes. I also saw two new articles on ‘Sexy Cosplayers’ and was disappointed that they were both completely about women. Heterosexual writers do usually write about women in the geek world, so I do not feel bad about it. But I do my part to try and counter balance that fact and do the exact opposite. Male costumers never get any loving. So here are some sexy guys that nailed that cosplay thing. Enjoy!

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Meet SuperCuttle also known as StevieSupes or just Stephen. I came across one of Stephen’s Superman pictures by accident when I was scrolling through Instragram. Instantly I said, Holy hell, what a hot daddy Superman! And in this instance, I was right both figuratively and literally. Stephen is a straight married man with a wife and adorable children. He’s also super fracking hot!


Stephen is a body builder and you can see it in many of his fine physique displaying pictures that I have stalked found from his online sites. He is a very proud 50-something year old cosplayer too. I do not want to play up his age being that this does not matter, but I feel as though it is a strength with him. He is proud of this and gladly informs everyone of his age and how much he appreciates doing what he does. Some out there like to perpetuate the myth that age prevents cosplaying from happening. But that is not the case for many geeks out there. Stephen is one of many great examples of this.


Something that really attracts me to Stephen’s pics is that he not only does not mind to show off his awesome body, but he also likes to photoshop some pics of him in Superman costume while being defeated by kryptonite. This is a huge fetish among many people, gay and straight alike. I personally love seeing a superhero defeated. The fact that he likes to play into this with his own costuming makes him even cooler! I have several ideas myself on what he can do with some of his future shoots.


Currently Stephen currently only cosplays as several different versions of Superman. But I am hoping that he will stretch out and do other heroes like Batman or maybe even a villain like Bane. He’s got the build for many characters that are huge in stature and capable of manhandling other characters a bit. I may be projecting the manhandling part. Or just envisioning how hot awesome that would be to shoot that while I was dressed as Robin.


Also, can we just appreciate his junk/bulge? Sorry, that’s pervy of me. Well, pervi-ER of me. I can’t help but look at these pics more than the others because damn. I nearly lost it when I saw the pic of him grabbing it.


Anyways, from the interaction I have had with him, Stephen is a very nice guy and great father and husband as well. He’s an inspiration for many body builders and costuming geeks alike. He’s sexy as all hell and I hope he never stops sharing his progress and costuming pics. Check out and like/follow him on his social media sites:

His Facebook Page: Facebook.com/Super.Cuttle

His Tumblr is:StevieSupes.Tumblr.com

Stephen’s Instagram: Instagram.com/Scacplymouth


I have always had a thing for Spider-Man. Besides being super cute and geek, he also seemed as though his costume was ripped more than any other hero in the history of comic books. You would have thought that Reed Richards would give him a costume made from unstable molecules much earlier. But that ripping of his costume did something to me as a kid that I never really wanted to talk about with others. At the time. Now, I fucking I love it and I found out that’s a whole different fetish in itself. In comics today, there are many Spider characters, so the costumes are just are varied. I have to say ‘male appreciation’ since there are so many female Spider-People now. Even female Spider-Men that are not cross playing. Many people just like Peter Parker so much that both genders like to costume as him. Anyways, here’s some hot Spider-People pics, enjoy!

And as a bonus, isn’t Tom Holland the cutest Spider-Man ever? I mean I love him as the Webslinger. He just looks so much the part. I can’t wait to see his upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie.

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By sheer coincidence, I’m talking about a lot of Superman stuff today. I’m doing a a not-Barbie doll toy review on Batman v. Superman figure later, a gay porn review from ColbyKnox (see some of the pics of that scene below too), and a possible future costume. I have never done a Superman costume myself, but I have worn friend’s costumes briefly for a picture or two. So anyways, let’s look at some really hot guys in Superman costume. I know some of these people and a few I consider good buddies. Others are just pics that have been sent to me by most of you guys. Superman is the original super powered comic book hero, and he has just gotten sexier over time. Based on these guys, what do you think?
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Here are the ColbyKnox.com pics:

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The other day I was reading a post spotlighting black cosplayers. I was very interested to see the great costumes on display by both genders, but I was disappointed. Why was I disappointed? Well there were no black male costumers. Like so many past posts on the cosplay world, that site only made a point to show women. This is sad because the ratio of male/female costumers are generally even. Sometimes even more so on the male side. However most bloggers/writers/editors post solely women costumers as compared to their male counterparts.

Super Friends

Black men need loving too, so why the frack did I not think of showing a couple costumers of my own? With the help of a couple of you out there providing some of the pics and references of course, here’s a few awesome cosplayers of the world that definitely need to be recognized:

1. Michael – Finn, Robin and Superman

2. Tony R- Static, Poison Ivy and Patriot

3. Kristopher – Ash and Spider-Man

4. Alexander N- Mr. Sinister, Bishop, and Icon

5. Brandon C – Mr. Freeze, Neptune, Phoenix

6. Chris Nick Fury, Michonne, Sith Lord

7. JaBarr- Vibe, Gambit and Green Lantern

8. Larry M – Black Adam, Dr. Strange and Firestorm

9. Michael F – BatWing, Green Lantern, Superman

10. Neon – Captain America Spider-Man and Miles Morales Spider-Man

11. Jourdan – Captain America, Black Panther, and Kid Flash

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Spidey Selfie

Some costumers go under reported, despite their skills being badass. Ragz Cosplay is one of those cosplayers. He does great costumes, but his work rarely gets retweeted or reposted. I feel the need to tell the world about this guy. Besides being incredibly humble about his super cute looks and his geeky uniforms, he’s also very nice guy. I have had the honor of meeting him several times at Dragon Con. Every time I have wanted to take a picture with him, or was in a group shot, he was very gracious.

Red Robin and Cap

I would LOVE to photograph Ragz in my own shoots. He is a gay costumer, so I know that gives him a lot more freedom costumes and shoots that many heterosexual men shy away from. Not that I would want him to do sexual private photoshots with me…well maybe a little. But they would be very tasteful and probably only shared on my Patreon site. Regardless, it would be nice to get some more gay cosplayers out there and have their recognition be known. He definitely has the poses down and he knows his characters very well also.

Spider-Man 2

Anyways, check out his Facebook page over at: Facebook.com/RagzCosplay. I will not be able to meet up with him this Dragon Con since I will be out of town at the time. But I do hope to get him in front of my camera soon! Check out some of his pics below.

GayComicGeek Robin Montage 1

I’ve cosplayed a lot of characters through the years, but my original inspiration was Robin. The Tim Drake version. He was always my boy growing up and I felt a connection with his character more than any other. I especially loved the hints of him having a bromantic thing going on with Kon El Superboy. Although the current Tim Drake in the DC Universe is much more questionable with his ethics and his character, I still have a place in my heart for the original Tim. Here’s some cool cosplayers out there that also seem to have a love for Robin. Some are pretty damn awesome. And some are pretty darn cute too!