The GayComicGeek costume had a great run. The original design was drawn made by Rey Arzeno and then sown together by my friend Leman aka Tech_Styles as a gift. I’ve worn it to many conventions and for several photoshoots. It has served its purpose well, but it is time for retirement. This is one of the few costumes that I will not re-purpose and use for parts. I also will not be giving to away to a Patreon member like I do with most of my other costumes. This one I am keeping.
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There is a new GayComicGeek 2.0 Rebirth costume that I wore at FlameCon 2017 recently that has many variations to it and all will be shown at DragonCon 2017. Stay tuned for those pics!

I realize that I post up all of my cosplay pictures on all of my social media, except my actual website. I need to fix that. Here’s a few of the costumes I have done in the past couple of months and a few that I am still working on.

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By sheer coincidence, I’m talking about a lot of Superman stuff today. I’m doing a a not-Barbie doll toy review on Batman v. Superman figure later, a gay porn review from ColbyKnox (see some of the pics of that scene below too), and a possible future costume. I have never done a Superman costume myself, but I have worn friend’s costumes briefly for a picture or two. So anyways, let’s look at some really hot guys in Superman costume. I know some of these people and a few I consider good buddies. Others are just pics that have been sent to me by most of you guys. Superman is the original super powered comic book hero, and he has just gotten sexier over time. Based on these guys, what do you think?
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Here are the pics:

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What do you think of his new costume? I am a bit conflicted because it does look like old-school Tim Drake. Unfortunately it also looks like he is regressing in status. Like he is going back in training and looks like a younger more inexperienced version of himself. It also adds to the idea that the only comic book he will be showing up in will be Detective Comics. At one point Tim held his own title for years while simultaneously leading the Teen Titans and appearing in Batman comics. He took some breaks here and there from a title but it is unsettling to think that his character would only be a supporting character in a Batman comic where now he is going back into training.


As for his costume, if anything I would think that his costume after the “one year later” time point would be much more feasible and make more sense. Maybe that’s just me. It also would go with his whole name RED Robin. He did have this costume in the New 52 universe as evidenced by flashbacks, past pictures, and Kid Flash stealing one of Tim’s costumes.


Regardless his new costume definitely looks way better than the winged costume from the New 52. God I hated those wings. What do you think? Is this good or bad?


Tyler Rush as Robin

What a coincidence that I was talking about sexy ass Robin and my fetish to see him tied up and sexually violated, but then behold- Tyler Rush posts up some pics of his new Robin costume for Halloween! Holy fucking hell, he takes the idea of Robin to the highest sexiest way possible. I would love to see a series based on this character. I can just imagine him getting into all kinds of scrapes that Batman or Nightwing would have to save him from.

Robin in Prep - Tyler RushTyler Rush before Protecting Gotham

If you are unaware, Tyler has starred in some incredibly badass scenes with and with BoundJocks, just to name a few. I love that he’s a Puppy and he’s very knowledgeable about numerous fetishes out there. He also has a great YouTube channel called, WattsTheSafeword Check it out when you get a chance!

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Robin in Gotham - Tyler Rush aka Amp

Every Tuesday I like to post up some hot male cosplayers. Here’s this weeks edition. I heard there was some really awesome costumes at San Diego Comic Con 2015. Those pics are being scouted out now!

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Robin Costume WITHOUT Joker Defacing it

Someone re-colored the image of the Robin costume shown on the Batman v. Superman trailer and I have to admit. I kinda like it. It’s still got that ‘dark’ look that Warner Bros is trying so hard to do with their characters but still plays a nice homage to Robin. More than likely, this is Jason Todd but there’s so much speculation that this could be Dick Grayson instead. Who knows, I’m just happy that Robin was in this universe at some point.

Tim Drake is the NEW Batman Beyond. Tim Drake is my boy. I’ve loved him as my favorite superhero since the very beginning. A lot of people are upset that Tim would take over the role of Batman Beyond as the original Batman Beyond was Terry McGinnis.

However, a lot of fans aren’t aware that the Tim Drake that is taking over the mantle of Batman Beyond is a different reality, set in the Future’s End Universe. If you don’t know what that universe is, don’t worry, it’s just an alternate future reality. So it’s all good, just bare in mind that it’s set later in time and this universe has a crap ton of other events taking place.

Regardless of that, the reason I’m making this post is because I now have the motivation to make a Batman Beyond costume. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and now I’m finally going to do it. It could suck really bad, or it could be pretty cool. It depends on how much effort I can put into it and still be happy with my own work. The version of the Batman Beyond costume that I want to do, is this one:


What do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

Do I have the skills to make a Batman Beyond armored suit?

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