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Sexy Male Superhero Spandex Appreciation Post (NSFW-ish)

I’ve had a bad couple of weeks. So what makes me smile more? Doing porn reviews and looking at sexy guys in spandex-y cosplay costumes. So here’s some super badass studs in spandex. I’ll also be reviewing a couple different porn movies that have come out recently that I have neglected. Stay tuned!

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Halloween – Post – POST – Update (LAST ONE, I Promise!)


So many of you guys sent pics to me after my last Halloween update that I figured I’d show one last post with all of your costumes. This will be the last Halloween update for the year, but there will always be a time when I ask for pics regarding something. I’m always appreciative of bulge pictures or superhero costume pics or maybe male ginger pics. I want to thank all of you for your support and say that you’re all incredible!
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Halloween Slutty Costumes! (For Men) Do You Have One? Lots of Pics (NSFW)


Are you wearing a slutty Halloween costume this year? My buddy Derek put up a post where he was looking through some gender swapped Halloween costumes and all of the pics on that post were of sexy women. So I figured, lets see some sexy men in Halloween costumes. Not all of these are naked pics and I always encourage any interpretation of a costume to be made. Here’s a few of them. By the way, most of these pictures are online friends of mine and I gotta say, you guys rock these costumes!



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Happy February 1 – Let’s Enjoy these Hot Sexy Male Cosplayers (NSFW)

Awesome Spidey Morales

There really is no reason to post these except that I love seeing male costumers. They never get as much loving in the cosplay posts as their female counterparts. But they are just as good and also want to be seen in the convention circuits as well. Although some of these pics are obviously not for Comic Conventions, but they still look like they need to be spread about and shown to everyone. Enjoy!

Beaten Superman Pissed

Oh yeah, if you want to submit a picture of yourself or of a cosplayer that you think is sexy ...

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New York Comic Con Sexy Male Costumes 2015!


Did anyone go to New York Comic Con 2015? I unfortunately could not make it out this year, but I’ve seen some pretty badass costumes being posted this past weekend. A lot are from my friends that attended this con and rubbed it in my face that I could not attend, but it’s all good. I have fun through their enjoyment. (Bastards)


Some of the costumes I feel like they should be in movies...

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Sexy Male Halloween Costumes- What is you Costume? (It doesn’t have to be sexy) (NSFW)

Koolaid Man OH YEAH

What constitutes a sexy costume? Whatever the wearer thinks is sexy, well then that makes that costume in my book. I have seen several sites list up pics of men (and women) in costume that represents ideas for new sexy costumes for this Halloween month. I figure I should do that too! I do not think that all the pics are actually from Halloween, but what does that matter?

Green Lantern

Generally for a costume to be considered ‘sexy,’ this entails lots of skin to be shown...

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I’m selling my AntMan Costume and Red Lantern Costume on Ebay

Red Lantern Hal Jordan

Ant Man Scott Lang

It’s time that I started to clear out a couple costumes here and there in my closet. There’s a couple new things that I want to make and I need to make funds and make room in my place to do these new pieces. So, just in case anyone around my size is interested, here’s a couple costumes that I’ve listed on Ebay. I’ll be listing a couple more next week after these go through.

Red Lantern – Ebay
red 1

red 2

red 3

Ant Man Scott Lang
ant 1

ant 2

ant 3

ant 4

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Working on a couple new Costumes for this coming year…day one getting back in shape and no Nutella

Not close to being done yet, but I have a couple costumes that I’ve started for the new year. I’m also going back to working out and eating right again.

Day One with no Nutella


image5 (1)





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Superhero Costumes can be sexy for guys too. These are just a couple that I’ve seen that I like!

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Superhero Costumes are hot…Straight costumes are hot too. I know some of these are manips, but still work seeing!

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