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GayComicGeek Art by Chayne Avery – Artist of the Cute Guys Coloring Books

Chayne Avery, the artist for the comic book Boy Meets Hero and the Cute Guys Coloring book made a GayComicGeek image! I’m always a fan of those. I personally think a new addition to the Boy Meets Hero comic should be made, but that’s just my personal opinion. Avery has a very cute style of art that adds a bit of sexiness to his work. He has lots more images in his coloring books and past comic pieces.

Check out their Facebook page over at: or you can email them directl...

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Cute Guys – Coloring Books by Chayne Avery and Russell Garcia – Review

Looking for some cute guys? Well what about some Cute Guys coloring books? They exist! I have four volumes with each volume having 24 different images to color in with crayon/color pencils. These books are Illustrated by Chayne Avery while design and layout was by Russell Garcia.

Check out the Cute Guys Facebook page at:

They are available only on Amazon.

Vol 4: Guys of Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Vol 3: Cute Guys With...

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This is So Cute! Anyone Else Act EXACTLY Like This With Flirting?

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I know this is an odd post to put on my site, but I think it’s incredibly cute!

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Ahhhhhh so cute!!! I want a puppy like this

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Merlin – Colin Morgan, is so fracking cute!

The guy who plays Merlin, Colin Morgan, is so fucking cute!

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