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Freedom Fighters: The Ray – Season 1 on the CW Seed – You Can Watch it Now (Review Coming Soon)

Have you watched the Freedom Fighters: The Ray animated series on the CW Seed? It is only the first season of 6 shorts and each of the mini episodes are 6-8 mins long. Since I’m a huge Ray fan, I have been excited for this series to air ever since I heard it was being made. For clarity, I would have enjoyed it even if the main character of Raymond Terrill wasn’t being voiced by Russell Tovey.

It is a prequel series taking place before the Crisis on Earth X crossover series...

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Crisis on Earth X – 1st Half – Review – Supergirl/Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow (SPOILERS)

WHOA!!! This was so fracking epic! I loved the first half to this 4 part crossover. Check out my thoughts on the first half of the Crisis on Earth X story. I will be doing a review for part 3 and 4 coming soon!

I hate Nazis.

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Dan Payne Cast as Younger Version of Gay Villain/Superhero – Obsidian -in Legends of Tomorrow

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Early this summer CW reported that 76 year old Lance Hendrickson was going to play gay villain turned superhero Obsidian in the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow TV show. Many people, including myself thought that this was a cop out for the show to have someone in their 70’s portray a character who would more than likely not have their sexuality shown at all. This is the safe way to not harm any heterosexual’s egos on having a gay character being shown on a show...

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