Hey check out these cosplay pics from years past by the photographer Marvin – Hero Hotties took these pics at Katsucon a couple years ago of me as Cyclops and my friend Dan as Cable. Funny enough, this coming weekend is this year’s Katsucon and Dan and myself will be wearing new versions of these costumes but our characters will be reversed. Stay tuned to those pictures!

Check out Marvin’s other cosplay pictures, which I must say are so impressive. His Facebook page is located: Facebook.com/HeroHotties


Both Wolverine and Cyclops are currently dead in the main 616 Marvel Universe. Coincidentally there is a younger version of Cyclops and an older version of Wolverine that have somewhat taken their places. Kinda, sorta, not really. Anyways, the two have been depicted as characters who butt heads constantly over team dynamics and more particularly over romances. But they also have been shown to be close buddies as well. Wolverine is fiercely loyal to anyone that he deems a friend. Cyclops, not so much, but he was depicted at some points to be a caring leader. It all depends on the writer. I like bromantic Wolverine/Cyclops far more than the warring rivalry dynamic that some remember the two as having. They will return, but in the meantime, their counterparts have their own stories to tell.


If you are unaware, Cyclops died from an M-Pox plague caused by a Terrigen cloud. Wolverine died from suffocation after losing his healing ability and being covered in molten adamantium and having it hardened over his body. Honestly I feel like both deaths were idiotic, but at the same time I respect Marvel for showing that not every superhero dies in a blaze of glory.

“I’ve been to the end of the universe with you.” Wolverine to Cyclops.

Some of these pics may not be from the comics or the movies. I still count them, because why not?

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