I send out good vibes to my friend Dan’s Patreon all the time. He’s my brother in all except actual blood. We take a lot of pics together both at cons and in our private lives. Nothing sexual. Well nothing TOO sexual. He does have a protective girlfriend after all. Check out his Patreon site when you get a chance. It’s pretty darn awesome. We have a couple shared pics we post on both of our Patreon sites.

Dan’s Patreon site: Patreon.com/DannyLantern

I seem to pimp myself out a lot, but I feel the need to pimp my friends out from time to time too. Have you met DannyLantern? He’s one of my bestest buddies and also someone I consider my brother. Although saying that out loud, I realize I shouldn’t be taking sexual pics with him anymore. Unless you’re into that. Anyways, these pics themselves was taken by my good friend Nik over at Patreon.com/CeroLobo. If you ever need a good photographer that takes some great pics, sexual or non-sexual, he’s the guy!

Check out Dan’s Patreon site at: Patreon.com/DannyLantern

Check out the photographer, CeroLobo over at: Patreon.com/Cerolobo

Have you seen my friend Dan’s Patreon? I tell everyone that he’s my brother all the time. He’s closer to me than my birth brother. That says something right there. Check out his Patreon site when you get a chance. It’s pretty darn awesome. We take lots of cosplay pics together and just regular pics of ourselves regularly too. Be ready for lots of DragconCon pics coming very soon!

Dan’s Patreon site: Patreon.com/DannyLantern

I always post about my own Patreon page, but I do get a lot of help from one friends. One of my bestest buddies – DannyLantern is one of them and he’s badass costumer himself. He always volunteers when I need an extra cosplayer, or when I just need an extra pair of hands. Sometimes he just volunteers his incredibly cool basement or garage as a place to do my photoshoots. He’s very open to all the implied man on man sexual gestures and poses. He has even come up with some hot/awesome picture ideas himself. Check out his Patreon when you get a chance!

Danny’s Patreon site is located at: www.Patreon.com/DannyLantern


Usually I whore myself out, but this time around I’m pimping another one of my friends who represents the male cosplaying world. This is my friend, DannyLantern. This guy is awesome and one of my closest buddies that I’ve ever had. Check his page out when you get a chance. He won’t be offering gay topics on his work over at Patreon, but he will still be a great guy to follow.

His Patreon site is: Patreon.com/DannyLantern