I love getting my friends involved in photos. This is an older photoset on my Patreon site. But I was told I never advertised it. I took this pic and some other pics with Cerolobo. We did our best to reenact a few different poses. This is a more famous/infamous one. DragonCon is coming and many new shoots are on the way. What pics do you think we should re-create for these future shoots?

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Thank you Johnny aka Rashnu for getting me Daredevil! He’s gorgeous and I will happily add him to my Marvel Select Family. He came a couple years back and lacks some of the pose-ability that more modern figures have but still looks great in comparison to modern day Marvel Select figures. Check out my thoughts on this figure in this video.

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Holy fracking hell, I love me some geeky porn. I love it even more when it’s superhero geeky porn. Real life couple Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers are celebrating Halloween in superhero style with a couple scenes they are filming for their website- ColbyKnox.com. The first of which has aired and has Mickey Knox in full body paint as the Man Without Fear – Daredevil. His boyfriend is a robber who came into the wrong apartment. Check out my thoughts on this scene in the video below.

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Enter The Daredevil – UNCUT ColbyKnox Gay XXX Parody Review – powered by ManCast

This Scene Stars Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers


Daredevil vs Punisher Teaser

I took some cool pics with me costumed as Daredevil and with a super hottie Punisher cosplayer. Patrons get the uncropped pics, but this a great teaser pic! I’ll be posting the pics throughout the month on my Patreon site throughout the month.


Daredevil 1

I finished season 2 of the Netflix Daredevil series Last week. It was incredible. It had its faults, but overall it was great. Definitely set up several series to come from the Netflix Marvel universe. One think that I noticed though is that Daredevil’s costume in this season was almost identical to his costume from the previous season finale, with small subtle changes, but something I noticed. His costume is very practical. Since he is a blind character, the helmet does not impede his vision and he still uses it for protection. His armored suit is not overly armored, there’s not tons of gadgets and he has no cape to get in his way with his maneuverability. In fact, his suit is one of the most practical costumes in comic book TV/Movie history. The best known costume for a man that simply fights with his brains is Batman and we all know that Batman can barely move his head left to right, much less jumping around doing parkour and fighting guys from all angles using various martial arts abilities.

What’s even better is that Matt Murdock built up to the point of wearing armor. He even said that wearing a costume would be out of place and hold him back. The video above was all one take and one of the best superhero fights ever. No special effects, no hardcore bloody scene, just all out fighting.

Daredevil Cosplayter

So the TV show has definitely spotlighted Daredevil and has made most people forget or at least push Ben Affleck’s version of the character to the side, which I have to say that his adaptation is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. But it also has made Daredevil a sex symbol as well. Matt Murdock has had his shirt and costume ripped up and off and he has shown his abs and bare chest many times in the two seasons. Maybe that is why I have costumed as him in both his black costume and his red outfits. It definitely had some baring on my decision to make his costume. So anyways, here’s some sexy assed guys cosplaying the blind attorney. Hopefully, many more will be coming out way!

Photoshopped Daredevil Baby!

Photoshopped Daredevil Baby!

I was going to save this pic, along with the other pics in this Photoshoot just for Patrons, but this is just too cool! Thank you Nik for photoshopping this. It looks incredible and motivates me to want to look better in future pics.

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daredevil season 2 punisher elektra costumes

Many fans were speculating as to whether the Punisher and Elektra would have any resemblance of a costume within the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil series. Rest assured, at some point, both characters will have some sort of costume that represents their iconic comic book counterparts. A billboard in Toronto with pics taken by Michael A. Matos, shows a 4-piece depiction of the characters. This is excellent news. The wonderful Jessica Jones was great in so many ways, but never did we see the main character in costume with the exception of a small cameo of her comic book costume being shown as a joke by her sidekick, Patsy Walker (Hellcat).

Elektra and Punisher

It was obvious that the tights/spandex version of the Punisher would not be shown at any point in the series. Especially with the serious and mature tone of the series, spandex would be completely out of place. As it is, the first season of Daredevil had to build up to Matt Murdock to obtain his costume and the reasoning behind it was for his necessity to have some sort of protection. Elektra on the other hand has been shown in previews to almost be completely in street clothes at all times. So it is refreshing to see that she will be donning some ninja gear to reflect her true personality and her alter ego on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen. Daredevil himself looks as though he is wearing the exact costume that he was wearing in the last episode of season one. There are some minor alterations with a brighter more noticeable red, but still very similar.

Netflix has been spot on with the first two Marvel series and many fans are hoping that they continue on with their success in this next series. The buildup for the eventual team up of the Defenders, which is much different from the comic book Defenders, will be epic if the ground work is set up properly. Up to this point, they have done a great job and March 18 cannot get here fast enough.

Daredevil 2

Iron Fist Cosplayer 1

Actor Finn Jones, who plays the closeted gay character, Ser Loras Tyrell on Game of Thrones, will be the Iron Fist aka Danny Rand on the upcoming Iron Fist Netflix series. This was recently announced on Entertainment Weekly. This is good and bad depending on how you look at it. Many fans were hoping that an Asian man would play this role. Asians, like many other ethnicities, are sorely missing from the Marvel Universe.

Tyrell 2

But Finn Jones is a great actor himself and this is still wonderful news to hear that the series will be made. With any luck, he will make a cameo appearance on Luke Cage’s show. Especially being that both of these guys have a very strong bromantic relationship that has last for years in the comic book universe.

Iron Fist

If you are unaware, Iron Fist, also known as Danny Rand, is a martial arts professional that has special abilities from putting his fists into the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying. He was trained by Lei Kung the Thunderer. Think of him as being able to focus his chi into powerful fists, capable of breaking and destroying objects with no harm to himself. His character has been portrayed differently depending on the writer and the series that he is a part of. In the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, he is very serious and acts as an experienced Asian monk. In the current comic book, he is an impulsive character that’s more interested in self gain.

Madame Gao

The seeds for Iron Fist’s origin have been planted in the first season of the Netflix Daredevil series. You have to listen closely to a couple characters and see the actions of one. Hint, look at Madame Gao’s character. Speaking of Daredevil, have you seen the newest trailer for Season 2? It has Elektra in it! I’m so fracking excited for this new season! The season starts on March 18, 2016. And just one more Gif of Finn being gay on Game of Thrones.

Finn Naked


Netflix recently released a new trailer for the upcoming season of Daredevil and the image above to get fans ready for upcoming season. I already think of Charlie Cox as being a hottie, but now with this new image, I’m thinking dirty thoughts. Maybe it is my bondage side coming out. March 18th can’t get here fast enough! I am so psyched up for this. Plus hearing more news about the upcoming Luke Cage series is bound to happen. Not to mention the Punisher and Iron Fist spin off series is nearly confirmed. Regardless, the first part of the preview for the upcoming series is below. Enjoy!

With most of the season finales hitting us, a lot of superhero series have already ended. I enjoyed most of these sagas and I can’t wait for Fall to see the continuation of the series that were renewed. What did you think of the superhero shows that we got this past year? A lot of people compare Flash and Daredevil as being the top 2. Is that accurate or did I forget a show?

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