Oh Valentine’s Day. Some love it, some hate it, some don’t care. For those that do celebrate it and have someone, give them a huge hug from me. If you don’t celebrate it like me, then enjoy your Wednesday! Regardless, we can all appreciate the cuteness in some guys’ relationships, so here’s some cute pics of some guys I found adorable.

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If you are not aware of this, December 1st is World AIDS Day. Many have been lost in this fight against this illness and my heart goes out to all who have been affected by it. I stated this last year, but one of my uncles contracted the HIV virus back in the early 1990s and he developed full blown AIDS in a very short period of time. Remembering him is quite painful as I saw how horrible he deteriorated after such a short period of time. He was my only gay relative and he was quite a wonderful person.

Many living with HIV currently have a much better chance at living long full lives than those from the past, but even still, this is a very dangerous virus. The LGBT community was hit harshly back in the 1980-90s. I know many others who have lost loved ones and remember this much clearer than I do myself. Currently there are 36 million people around the world who are living with HIV. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) have stated that minorities are much more likely to be infected with gay/bisexual African American men having the highest rate of infection more so than any other population. So many people have been lost.

Besides using protection such as condoms, there is a drug to help prevent HIV known as Truvada also known as PrEP. It can be difficult to obtain a prescription from your doctor, but your health is worth the hassle. You should also know your status. Get tested regularly. It is free. Simply Go to FreeHIVTest.net to find an clinic or location in your area. If you are HIV positive and feel depressed, know that there are lots of counseling services out there for you. Go to: CareResource.org for more information.

I will not speak on this, but those out there living with HIV or those that know others that have been lost, be strong.


It’s actually the LAST day of Dia de los Muertos for this year. This is the Mexican holiday that pays respect to past ancestors. There is much more to it than that, but that is the basics for anyone wondering what this is about. There are lots of celebrations and many people that participate in it. I have a few Mexican friends celebrate this day for more religious reasons while others that celebrate it for party reasons.

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February 9 is apparently International Pizza Day. I had no idea that was a thing until today. I may have to look a stereotypical pizza guy porn and talk about it today in a video. You know the routine –

Pizza Guy:So here’s pizza.
Recipient: I have no money, how am I going to repay you?
Cue Porn Music

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Anyways, here’s some gratuitous sexy guys holding pizzas in the meantime, because why not?


There is not a lot I can say about World AIDS Day that better speakers have not already said about today. There are close to 34 million people across the globe that suffer from HIV/AIDS. I used to be a substance abuse counselor that dealt with many patients that had numerous health complications. HIV was one that proved to be a difficult issue since funding for any services for this was constantly being cut by my idiot governor. I also have more than one personal friend that has contracted the HIV virus. Thankfully to my knowledge, they have taken care of their health to the point that there has not been any major issue. Unfortunately this is not the case for many other people. Not to mention the millions that of others have died to get to this point where medications are capable of prolonging life.


When I first heard the word “AIDS,” I was a naive little kid and I just assumed it was an illness that was curable or simply went away on its own. Then one of my uncles became sick. No one explained to me what was going on. His health deteriorated rapidly. Within a year he was barely recognizable to what he looked like the previous year. He died a very horrible death alone in a hospital room. He was the only openly gay member of my family at the time. It was not until a couple years after his death that I realized what had happened and that I was part of the problem. I was only a child at the time but I still feel remorseful that I was not there for him more.

With that, I will say that we are adults and make our own decisions. We either choose to put ourselves at risk or we do not. I may seem like a hypocrite because I talk about bareback porn in some of my videos, but I will never apologize for talking about this subject. I like I said, we adults and that is a fantasy world. Those taking part in it are also adults and they made their own decisions as well. I would like to think that adults can distinguish fantasy from reality. I also hope that the disclaimers before many porn companies that they test their models before hand and that they are currently taking Truvada or PrEP is actually true as well. You either trust in using condoms and/or medication for prevention or you do not. If is your individual choice.

Everyone know your status. Get tested regularly. It is free. Simply Go to FreeHIVTest.net to find an clinic or location in your area. If you are HIV positive and feel depressed, know that there are lots of counseling services out there for you. Go to: CareResource.org for more information.

That is all. I am off my soapbox and I will leave it at that.


Holy crap, I just now found out that it’s FreePornDay at some sites. How did I let this slip by my radar? It’s mostly heterosexual sites (gross) but there are some gay sites that are participating in this as well, including Next Door Raw, Next Door Ebony, and Falcon Studios. Not all of their sites’ content are available, but a decent selection is visible from what I’ve seen. You have to follow the FreePornDay.com site directly to the FREE Content available. You’re welcome everyone! (Thank you Michael for letting me know!)

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National Kissing Day

It’s International Kissing Day! I had no idea. I didn’t even know that was a thing. So enjoy these pics and GIFs of guys kissing. Make sure to find your partner or possible partner or just someone you really like, and lay a smooch on them for me.

Holy Fuck Batman
If you were unaware of it, September 26 is Batman Day. It’s obviously not a real holiday or anything like that and it’s not even the day that the legendary Detective Comics #27 (Batman’s first appearance) was released. It’s really just for comic book geeks to show Batman pics and stuff like that on their social media sites. I think some comic stores put up some Batman decorations. As a gay geek, I feel like I should show some of Batman’s sexiness! I wish I was tall enough to costume as him myself. Maybe I’ll finish that Batman Beyond costume one day. Anyways, here’s some hot guys displaying their love of Batman.