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Wonder Twins #1 DC Comic Book Review – Comic Load 2/13/2019

It’s comic book day and the first issue to DC Comics Wonder Twins from the Wonder Comics imprint has been released. These aliens from the planet Exxor are trying to fit in at a new high school and be a part of the Justice League. They still have their shape shifting abilities, but that’s not the main purpose of this book. Written by Mark Russell and drawn by Stephen Byrne. Check out my thoughts on this comic and a few view points on a couple of other comics that have come out this week...

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Young Justice #1 – DC Comic Book Review – Wonder Comics (SPOILERS)

Young Justice is back baby! Not only is there a season 3 of the animated Young Justice that is airing on the DC Universe streaming service, but there is a new comic book that just started from DC Comic’s Wonder Comic imprint. Check out my thoughts on this first issue in the attached video and tell me what you think of this first issue that reunites Robin (Tim), Impulse (Bart), Wonder Girl (Cassie), and Superboy (Conner) with soon to be new members – Amethyst, Teen Lantern and Jenny Hex...

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Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #4 – DC Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

He-Man vs Injustice Superman! This is the issue that has an all out battle between two powerhouses of the DC Universe and the Masters of the Universe…Universe. Meanwhile on Eternia, Darkseid has invaded and has vowed to enter Castle Grayskull and to decimate the forces of the Masters. This is such an epic issued. Written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Freddie E Williams II, and published by DC Comics. Check out my thoughts on this issue in the attached video.

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Heroes in Crisis #1 – Who Dies?! – Comic Load 9/26/2018

What an epic week in comic books. Not only do we finally get #7 of Doomsday Clock, which should be the biggest of comic titles for the week, but we also get the first issue of Heroes in Crisis. It would not be a ‘Crisis’ event if a Flash was not somehow a part of it. Check out my thoughts on these issues and other issues in this comic load video.

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Injustice vs Masters of the Universe #2 – DC Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

I never knew I wanted to see Bane ATTEMPT to punch He-Man before until I read this issue. He-Man has been recruited by the remaining heroes of Earth to take down the tyrannical rule of Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman and their Brainiac mind controlled Suicide Squad. Can He-Man take on the Kryptonian? The fight is being built up to be epic! Check out my thoughts on this second issue to this 6-Issue mini series written by Tim Seeley and drawn by Freddie E Williams II.

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The Death of Superman – DC Universe Animated Movie Review – 2018 (SPOILERS)

The Death of Superman storyline from 1992-1993 is iconic in its portrayal of the Last Son of Krypton finally meeting his end at the hands of the monster Doomsday. The comic was reprinted numerous times because it continually sold out. There have been a couple attempts to make an animated movie based on this story. The live action Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie vaguely had some components with Doomsday character and Superman’s death, but it was poorly executed...

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Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe #1 – DC Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

The Masters of the Universe are invading the Injustice Universe in this epic crossover. The tyrannical Superman has taken control of Earth and the heroes head to Eternia to recruit its most powerful superhero in combating the dark Kryptonian’s rule. However, there are a few other players in this story, including a couple villains that are going to cause so much trouble in the future. This was written by Tim Seeley and drawn by Freddie E. Williams II...

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Flash War Conclusion – EPIC FINALE!!! Flash #50 – Comic Book Review – Major SPOILERS!

This is it, the epic conclusion to the Flash War in Flash #50 and holy hell, there was such a huge surprise at the end of this series. It is potentially going to link to much bigger stories down the line that could incorporate other heroes that have been sorely missing in the DC Universe. Check out my thoughts in the attached video for this comic book review but be warned, MAJOR SPOILERS!

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DC TV Crossover 2017: Crisis on Earth X Starts Today!

I’m stoked about this. I know that these episodes don’t have anywhere near the budget as the DC movies. Still though, seeing most characters of the DC tv shows set in the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow in a huge epic crossover is something I’m always in favor of seeing. I’m not the biggest fan of Legends of Tomorrow, but I am big enough of a fan to want to see their characters fighting along side the rest of the heroes. It’s the fanboy in me. I love team ups...

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First Look at The Ray (Russell Tovey) – Crisis On Earth – X: The 4 Part DC TV Crossover


This four part crossover looks to be epic on many scales. One thing that I was personally looking forward to see was gay actor and SUPERMAN cutie, Russell Tovey play gay superhero, Raymond Terrell aka THE Ray. No full body shot yet, but we see him with his uniform and with and without his helmet. We also see him wearing Nazi concentration camp clothing with an upside down Pink Triangle. That is very powerful to see in a superhero tv show...

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