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Defenders Poster and Punisher Poster Revealed On Entertainment Weekly

I can’t wait for the Punisher solo series and the Defenders series from Netflix. No new info has been released yet, but both series are coming soon! The Defenders will air on Netflix on Aug. 18, 2017. Punisher has no set date as of yet. But they did complete filming in April 2017.

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The Defenders First Full Trailer – FUCK YEAH!

If you have been patiently waiting for the next Marvel Netflix show like me, then this is great news. This looks great! I have to say though, Marvel really likes those hallway fight scenes a lot. Also I’m very curious about Sigorney Weaver’s Alexandra’s character. I know she is a villain, but to what capacity. Is she the main villain or is it going to be a misdirection and we’ll get someone bigger later or maybe she be someone else completely different. What did you think of this?

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Defenders – Netflix has Finished Filming – Summer Release Date Coming Soon!

The Defenders has finished up filming and release date for the Netflix series is expected to happen over the summer. Even though Iron Fist may be the weaker out of the four superhero series, it was still great in my humble opinion (review for that coming soon). I totally binged watched it this weekend. The Defenders looks to have just about all of the major characters from all of the series introduced up to this point...

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The Defenders – Promo Pics and Luke’s Bicep

Entertainment Weekly posted some new pics for the Marvel Defenders series coming out. I know we’re not supposed to like pictures that objectify women (Jessica is turned so the viewer can see her ass), but can we appreciate Luke Cage’s bicep? Holy fuck!!! Yes please, more of him shirtless and please show more promos of him all sexified in the upcoming season of the Defenders. I can’t wait to see this series!

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