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Ever Have That Dream Where You Are Surrounded? (NSFW)


I’ve had multiple dreams where I’m surrounded by guys but can never touch any of them. No joke, literally had it last night. Usually the guys are hot and they’re naked and they have their dicks in my face. Again, I can never touch them. They just vanish if I reach with my hands (or mouth). It’s weird. Some people have analyzed this dream, which I never know if any of them are right. Anyone else have this dream? Here are some gratuitous porn scenes of guys surrounded by dicks.
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Have you ever had a dream where lots of dicks are surrounding you?


Have you ever had a dream where there’s a bunch of dicks in your face, but either the guys faces are obscured? Or it’s so dark, that you can’t see the bodies and faces as to who they’re attached to? Wait, that’s not just me is it? No seriously I have had a couple dreams where I’m surrounded by dicks and I can’t see who they’re from. Obviously sex is implied but for some reason, when I reach out, they vanish. Isn’t that weird?

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Sometimes, I just like to see guys dicks plop around. If they’re hard, even better!

When a guy’s hard dick pops out of their pants or if their dicks are hard while they’re being fucked, damn! I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s cause they’re turned on and you can tell they getting ready for ignition, I’m not sure. But I love seeing it!

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