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ManCrush Monday – Diego Luna – AKA Cassian from Rogue One

Woof! Diego Luna Alexander, who is on my mind today after rewatching Rogue One for the 22nd time. Diego played Cassian Andor in Rogue One. He is not gay/bisexual in real life as the internet has rumored in the past, but he is quite gay friendly. He has been in a couple movies as a gay/bisexual man. One was when he was playing the real life man, Jack Lira in the movie Milk. He was also the character Tenoch Iturbide in Y Tu Mamá También, which he still has a long lasting bromantic relationship ...

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 – 10 Super Sexy Male Costumes (Pics Provided by Friends)

Every comic book convention is unique and San Diego Comic Con is like the Superbowl of comic cons. So understandably, there are some super smoking hot guys that attend these cons. I had several friends attend this year and they all took some wonderful pics. Lots of hot geeky guys, and here’s a couple that I saw that I thought look pretty darn sexy!

Levi Miles as Wiccan.

XCeroloboX took this of Rocky and a Spartan

Sexy Blue Ranger by Dan Williams

Jay Acey as Black Panther

Jay also was Black ...

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 Pictures – Day 1 – Any of You Guys There This Year?

Unfortunately I am not at San Diego Comic Con 2017 this year. But I know a lot of people that did make it. Here are a couple of there pictures of this awesome event. Any of you guys there?

Pictures provided by: XCeroLoboX

Also provided by Jay Acey

And also Guy Haines

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Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 from Men.com – UNCUT Review (NSFW)

Pirates!!! I love Pirates! This is first part of Men.com’s Pirate series that stars Diego Sans and Johnny Rapid. The background and shooting location alone was worth this scene. The set and costumes add much more to the overall feel as well. Check out my thoughts on this scene in the attached video.

To see this scene itself, head over to:Men.com

Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 from Men.com – UNCUT Review (NSFW) from GayComicGeek on Vimeo.

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My F...

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Stealth Fuckers Part 13 – UNCUT Scene Review from Men.com (NSFW)

The Stealth Fuckers is back from Men.com! This time we have Diego Sans returning with his “wife” but this time he is visiting Jacob Peterson and his boyfriend Darin Silvers. The Stealth aspect is pretty evident when Diego gets off under the table by Darin, with Diego’s wife right in front of him. It’s awesome!

To see this scene, go to:www.Men.com

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San Diego Comic Con 2016 – It Was Great!

I’m just getting home and back into it, but I had a blast at San Diego Comic Con 2016. I really enjoyed all the events at the con itself. I loved hanging with my friends that I only get to see once a year. I really loved seeing some geeks up close and personal. I feel like SDCC is like the SuperBowl of Comic Cons. I took a crap ton of pics, and still feel like I didn’t take enough. Here’s a taste of the things that I saw this weekend. Enjoy!

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DRINK AND DRAW – LGBGQ Comics Fundraiser at Pecs Bar – San Diego Comic Con 2016 – I’ll Be There!


Anyone going to San Diego Comic Con this year? I will be there! I will be volunteering at the Prism Comics booth during the con and I will also be attending the Drink and Draw Fundraiser at Pecs Bar…hehe…Pecs…giggity. Anyone else going? Below is the official information for the event.

Thursday, July 21 8 pm
12 midnight (bar open till 2 am)

Pecs Bar
20146 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104

Matthew Jensen, Mr. Regiment, 2016

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