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Jay Foxworthy from GayFamilyValues is Running For Sheriff in Sonoma County California

I want to introduce you to my good friend Jay Foxworthy. Jay, along with his husband Bryan and two kids Daniel and Selena are the Leffews of the Gay Family Values YouTube channel. Jay’s family and I have been friends and collab mates as a part of YouTube’s community of gay voices. As a GFV viewer, and as a friend, I know that Jay cares about equality and protecting those who do not have a voice...

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A Death in the Family – The Death of Jason Todd (Robin) Batman DC Comic Book Trade Paperback Review

Batman Death in the Family (4).Movie_Snapshot

Have you ever wondered about the death of Batman’s second partner, Jason Todd? Here’s my thoughts on this very profound story that affected the Batman mythos for years to come. This was something that subjectively affected Bruce Wayne even more so than the death of his own parents. It also introduced readers to the next male Robin, which was my favorite by far. Tim Drake himself. But that is another video down the line that I will make...

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