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BriGAYde #2 – Gay Comic Book Review From Class Comics (SPOILERS)

The second issue from Class Comics superhero team has come out. This is a great issue that has lots of heroics, but also dark circumstances. This is a spoiler filled issue, so be warned.
Written by Patrick Fillion

Art by David Cantero

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The Legacy #1 – Naked Justice & Space Cadet – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Naked Justice and Space Cadet team up in this new

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Jacko’s Horny Halloween Tales #1 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review


It’s Halloween and Class Comics has a new Comic Book ready for all gay comic book fans out there. Inspired by the anthology series like Tales from the Crypt or the horror movie Trick R’ Treat, this comic has everything you may want for this Halloween.

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Nathan Fillion will be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2!

Captain Hammer

Oh my glob! Over at, they are showing a series of pictues with Nathan Fillion as a very famous “actor” in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie with shots of him in fake movies that was created solely for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So it has been realized that Marvel has cast Nathan Fillion, better known as Captain Hammer from Dr...

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Patrick Fillion’s Wildcat

I love Patrick Fillion and his artwork is so fucking awesome! He just recently did a piece of the character Wildcat. Besides owning, he also has his personal site: Check his work out. He’s drawn so many many characters, including many He-Man Masters of the Universe characters too.

Patrick Fillion Wildcat 2

Patrick Fillion Wildcat 3

Patrick Fillion Wildcat

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I don’t do this enough, but I should post more pics of artist’s work. Here’s some of Patrick Fillion’s stuff. Damn he’s fucking aweosme!

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