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World’s Finest 3 – WF3 – Robin & Superboy’s First Team-Up – DC Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

Have you ever wondered how Tim Drake and Conner Kent first met up? Their first team up didn’t exactly go smoothly, but it paved the way for a future bromance that is legendary within the superhero cosmos. Here’s my thoughts on DC Comic’s – World’s Finest 3.

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America’s Finest Part 3 – UNCUT Porn Scene Review

XMen Gay Porn 1 (5).Movie_Snapshot

What’s the worst thing about uniform porn scenes? The actors always take off their uniforms. Only a few sites get it right and keep the costumes on. This time around, got it right with America’s Finest Part 3. It’s pretty fucking intense to see JJ Knight keep on his uniform as he pounds Paul Cannon’s ass. I totally got off watching it!

After you check out my review on this scene below, check out the full scene at

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America’s Finest – Raging Stallions UNCUT Movie Review

I love Raging Stallion’s Monster Bang movies! This was great too since we get David Benjamin and Brent Corrigan in it. Overall, it was totally jizz worthy!

This movie stars:

David Benjamin


Brent Corrigan


Andrew Stark


Ryan Rose


Sean Zevran


Johnny V


Derek Atlas


Brian Bonds


Boomer Banks


And Shawn Wolfe


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